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LSODE Class Reference

#include <LSODE.h>

Inherits ODE, and LSODE_options.

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Public Member Functions

 LSODE (void)
 LSODE (const ColumnVector &s, double tm, const ODEFunc &f)
 ~LSODE (void)
ColumnVector do_integrate (double t)
Matrix do_integrate (const ColumnVector &tout)
Matrix do_integrate (const ColumnVector &tout, const ColumnVector &tcrit)
std::string error_message (void) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LSODE::LSODE ( void   )  [inline]
LSODE::LSODE ( const ColumnVector s,
double  tm,
const ODEFunc f 
) [inline]
LSODE::~LSODE ( void   )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

ColumnVector LSODE::do_integrate ( double  t  ) 
Matrix LSODE::do_integrate ( const ColumnVector tout  ) 
Matrix LSODE::do_integrate ( const ColumnVector tout,
const ColumnVector tcrit 
std::string LSODE::error_message ( void   )  const

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