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ODEFunc Class Reference

#include <ODEFunc.h>

Inherited by ODE.

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Public Types

typedef ColumnVector(* ODERHSFunc )(const ColumnVector &, double)
typedef Matrix(* ODEJacFunc )(const ColumnVector &, double)

Public Member Functions

 ODEFunc (void)
 ODEFunc (ODERHSFunc f)
 ODEFunc (ODERHSFunc f, ODEJacFunc j)
 ODEFunc (const ODEFunc &a)
ODEFuncoperator= (const ODEFunc &a)
virtual ~ODEFunc (void)
ODERHSFunc function (void) const
ODEFuncset_function (ODERHSFunc f)
ODEJacFunc jacobian_function (void) const
ODEFuncset_jacobian_function (ODEJacFunc j)

Protected Attributes

ODERHSFunc fun
ODEJacFunc jac
bool reset

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef Matrix(* ODEFunc::ODEJacFunc)(const ColumnVector &, double)
typedef ColumnVector(* ODEFunc::ODERHSFunc)(const ColumnVector &, double)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ODEFunc::ODEFunc ( void   )  [inline]
ODEFunc::ODEFunc ( ODERHSFunc  f  )  [inline]
ODEFunc::ODEFunc ( ODERHSFunc  f,
ODEJacFunc  j 
) [inline]
ODEFunc::ODEFunc ( const ODEFunc a  )  [inline]
virtual ODEFunc::~ODEFunc ( void   )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

ODERHSFunc ODEFunc::function ( void   )  const [inline]
ODEJacFunc ODEFunc::jacobian_function ( void   )  const [inline]
ODEFunc& ODEFunc::operator= ( const ODEFunc a  )  [inline]
ODEFunc& ODEFunc::set_function ( ODERHSFunc  f  )  [inline]
ODEFunc& ODEFunc::set_jacobian_function ( ODEJacFunc  j  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

ODERHSFunc ODEFunc::fun [protected]
ODEJacFunc ODEFunc::jac [protected]
bool ODEFunc::reset [protected]

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