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User community

The Octave user community is a loosely organized association of volunteers. Your interactions with the community will be better if you have the right expectations about the support options available to you.

Commercial support

  • Setup assistance
  • Custom feature implementation

Report a bug

GNU Octave uses the bug tracker at GNU Savannah. There you can report a new bug, browse recent bugs, or search for bugs.

Savannah bug report

  1. Is the bug already known?

    Search for already reported bugs at the bug tracker first. If you your problem does not appear to be known, then you should report the problem.

  2. Is it really a bug?

    • If Octave crashes, for any input whatever, that is a bug. Reliable interpreters never crash.
    • If Octave produces incorrect results, for any input whatever, that is a bug.
    • If Octave produces an error message for valid input, that is a bug.
    • If Octave produces no error message for invalid input, that is a bug.

  3. Missing function in Octave

    If a function exists in Matlab, but not in Octave, this is not a bug.

    Please be aware that it might take several months until for new features become part of Octave. Consider commercial support if you don’t want to wait that long.

  4. Make your bug report count

    • Report all the facts:
      Include all information that make it possible to fix the bug. If you are not sure whether to state a fact or leave it out, state it. This information includes your operating system, Octave version, exact error message or exact output.
    • Give a short, specific, complete example:
      Avoid: pseudocode, uninitialized variables, calls to unattached scripts or functions.
    • Justify your expectations briefly:
      Although it might seem obvious to you, someone examining the problem might not know what result you consider correct.

Sending Patches for Octave

If you have a suggested fix for a bug, please attach it to your report in the tracker. Your patch is more likely to be reviewed if you follow the guidelines from the Octave Wiki about the creation of changesets.