Octave Version 8.3.0 has been released and is now available for download. An official Windows binary installer is also available. For macOS see the installation instructions in the wiki.

This version is a bug fixing release:

Improvements and fixes

  • undo_string_escapes: Return '\0' for NUL byte input (bug #64051).
  • Stop excessive memory usage for minor grid ticks (bug #64017).
  • Include needed headers in installed .cc files (bug #63922).
  • Fix floating point exception when sparse array reshaped to 0x0 (bug #64080).
  • unicode2native: Fix conversion to UTF-16 (bug #64139).
  • memory: Fix execution on Cygwin.
  • uniconv-wrappers: Avoid freeing uninitialized pointer (bug #64182).
  • lo-regexp.cc: Only include PCRE2/PCRE headers if feature test succeeded (bug #64172).
  • Fix segfault when saveobj() used with old-style class files (bug #64220).
  • Fix restoring breakpoints from dbstatus breakpoint structure (bug #64271).
  • colorbar.m: Fix undefined variable d (bug #64287).
  • Reset all axes properties except 'Units' and 'Position' with cla ('reset').
  • unicode2native.m: Restore support for one input parameter (bug #64331).
  • native2unicode, unicode2native: Support empty second argument (bug #64331).
  • fullfile.m: Return empty cell for input with empty cell (bug #64377).
  • audioplayer.m: Emit error if input data Y is empty (bug #64379).
  • Remove obsolete callback constructor code for @audioplayer and @audiorecorder (bug #64379).
  • Avoid false detection of “non-real pivot” in ichol() (bug #63785).
  • Fix building against SuiteSparse 7.1.0 when SPQR is disabled (bug #64446).
  • ellipsoid.m: Avoid returning geometry data unless it is explicitly requested to avoid overwriting ans.
  • subsasgn: Avoid panic on invalid field names (bug #64213).
  • lex.ll: Remove $ as a valid character for identifiers.
  • fileparts.m: Allow for relative path on different drive on Windows (bug #64462).
  • datevec.m: Add some ISO 8601 conform formats (patch #9964).

Build system / Tests

  • betaincinv.m: Slightly increase test tolerance (for macOS 13).
  • colorbar.m: Add tests (bug #64287).
  • sparse-qr.cc: Fix compatibility with SuiteSparse 7.1.0 / CXSparse 4.0.4.
  • pcg.m: Use eps tolerance in test for ishermitian (bug #63787).
  • fileparts.m: Overhaul BISTs.


  • Return documentation for help properties (bug #64067).
  • Add note to isprime.m on inputs over 2^64.