Octave Version 7.3.0 has been released and is now available for download. An official Windows binary installer is also available. For macOS see the installation instructions in the wiki.

This version is a bug fixing release:

Improvements and fixes

  • scanf: Don’t set error when reaching end of stream (bug #62723).
  • Fix duplicate names displayed with mixed @class/classdef classes (bug #62802).
  • canonicalize_file_name: Handle symlinks to UNC network shares (bug #62847).
  • canonicalize_file_name: Generalize check for mapped network drive (bug #62847).
  • fortran_vec: Fix instances of method chaining that may cause dangling pointer.
  • Fix wrong color in PDF printout of some LaTeX strings (bug #62884).
  • unpack.m: Escape backslashes in paths on Windows (bug #62888).
  • canonicalize_file_name: Check root of potential mapped network drive (bug #62847).
  • nextpow2.m: Fix for input between 0.5 and 1 (bug #62947).
  • quad2d: Fix unintended complex conjugate return (bug #62972).
  • Make sure we don’t pass short 8.3 path to latex on Windows (bug #62779).
  • canonicalize_file_name: Trim trailing file separators from root of mapped network drive (bug #62847).
  • imformats.m: Fix isa function in return value (bug #62974).
  • pie3: Fix “Too many input” args error.
  • Accept negative inputs to -2^63 for dec2bin and dec2hex (bug #63089).
  • Fix incorrect lambda outputs for lsqnonneg and pqpnonneg (bug #63178).
  • addtodate.m: Fix wrong month returned when subtracting a month from some end-of-month dates (bug #60671).
  • var.m: Fix some Inf and NaN inputs returning 0 instead of NaN (bug #63203)
  • var.m: Fix automatic broadcasting error for sparse and diagonal matrix inputs with vector weighting (bug #63291).
  • legend.m: Fix error with contour plot containing clabels (bug #63262).
  • dec2bin.m: Fix input validation (bug #63089).
  • glpk.m: Avoid using isfinite on potentially sparse input.
  • var.m: Use bsxfun rather than broadcasting with vector weighting (bug #63291).
  • Fix out of bound indexing in in-place broadcasting operations (bug #63303).


  • Respect confirmation when deleting files in file browser widget (bug #63198).

Build system / Tests

  • io.tst: Add test case for scanf (bug #62723).
  • nextpow2.m: Add bug number tag to regression tests (bug #62947).
  • quad2d.m: Add BIST to cset b0e90ca8e679 (bug #62972).
  • Add test for number of methods with classdef in @folder (bug #62802).
  • Use Autoconf macro to find egrep executable.


  • uitable.m: Fix example code (bug #62824).
  • Clarify number of processors returned by nproc with hyperthreading.
  • Minor wording change to hashing documentation.
  • lsqnonneg and pqpnonneg: Document undocumented outputs.
  • pqpnonneg.m: Improve docstring readability.
  • lsode: Make TeX and non-TeX docstrings agree.
  • curl: Fix error in TeX docstring.
  • Update text on function argument checking.
  • schur: Update documentation.