Octave Version 7.2.0 has been released and is now available for download. An official Windows binary installer is also available. For macOS see the installation instructions in the wiki.

This version is a bug fixing release:

Improvements and fixes

  • Avoid out-of-bounds indexing when checking for broadcastable inplace operators (bug #38466).
  • hdl2struct.m: Fix saving of uibuttongroups (bug #62266).
  • isprime.m and __isprimelarge__.cc: Minor performance tweaks.
  • factor.m: Performance tweak to avoid division in certain cases.
  • nchoosek.m: Fix freeze-up for certain integer inputs (bug #62319).
  • nchoosek.m: Restore fast path code for floating point inputs (bug #62319).
  • betainc.m: Use sophisticated technique for calculating exponents to avoid inaccuracies (bug #62329).
  • ls.m: Fix handling of \ on UNIX platforms (bug #62282).
  • ls.m: with glob patterns on Windows (bug #62282).
  • findobj.m: Fix input validation of graphics handles (bug #62378).
  • newplot.m: Backed out changeset fdd58773ac02 (bug #61945).
  • __print_parse_opts__.m: Initialize variables in all cases for print warnings (bug #62287).
  • datenum.m: Correctly handle arrays with leading singleton dimensions (bug #62407).
  • Stop incorrect error when reset() called on uimenu handle (bug #62425).
  • Emit more informative error message on empty input when setting axis limits (bug #62541).
  • msgbox.m: Allow “custom” cdata for icon (bug #62445).
  • Fix memory leak with nested functions and anonymous functions (bug #62459).
  • __wglob__: Retain trailing file separator on Windows (bug #62414).
  • __wglob__: Correctly handle . and .. in patterns on Windows (bug #62414).
  • __wglob__: Handle patterns with UNC paths on Windows (bug #62576).
  • mkoctfile.m: Trim whitespace (newline) around system output.
  • subplot.m: Avoid error when mixing rcn and "position" calling form (bug #62526).
  • plot: Deprecate using numbers to select line colors (bug #62470).
  • Don’t shut down interpreter immediately on execute (bug #62308).
  • Change wording of error message when using a variable as function (bug #62552).
  • inputParser.m: Adapt for interpreter changes regarding number of output arguments (bug #62420).
  • inputParser.m: Correctly handle cell default values for optional parameters (bug #62639).
  • Store token ID, not keyword ID when parsing keywords (bug #62587).
  • canonicalize_file_name: Do not translate mapped network drive to UNC path (bug #62576).
  • Fix regression with \color[rgb] TeX pattern (bug #62668).
  • regexp: Check pattern length before accessing it (bug #62704).
  • randmtzig.cc: Add missing #include <ctime> (bug #62750).


  • Fix removing trailing spaces on closing a modified file (bug #62271).
  • Replace use of deprecated QDesktopWidget in GUI.
  • Fix display in Variable Editor when fixed_point_format is on (bug #62544).
  • Fix file length when saving shorter content in editor (bug #62588).

Package tool

  • pkg: Create directory before saving file (bug #62303).
  • pkg: Avoid error when unlinking non-existent files (bug #62436).
  • pkg: Create PREFIX and ARCHPREFIX directories (bug #62681).
  • pkg: Replace OCTAVE_HOME in PREFIX and ARCHPREFIX independently (bug #62681).
  • pkg: Fix formatting of copyfile message (bug #62769).
  • pkg: Escape special characters in OCTAVE_HOME for regexprep (bug #62681).

Build system / Tests

  • addpref.m: Recode test to work with multiple running instances of Octave.
  • Don’t leak build directories in installed directories (bug #62295).
  • Import hash-buffer modules from gnulib (bug #62416).
  • Remove .dirstamp files from test/ directory with maintainer-clean target.
  • Add tests for __FILE__ and __LINE__ (bug #52587).


  • datestr.m: Fix minor typo.
  • ls.m: Improve wording in docstring (bug #62282).
  • dir.m: Clarify wildcard behavior on Windows in docstring (bug #62282).
  • memory.m: Redo documentation to be formatted correctly in Info output.
  • Document contracted format arguments (bug #62417).
  • humps.m: Fix mismatch between TeX docstring and non-TeX docstring.
  • warning_ids.m: Add new warning ID "Octave:deprecated-option".
  • primes.m: Move code examples before math theory.
  • primes.m: Mark variables in docstring with @var{} macro.
  • Rewrite section on automatic type conversions (bug #62283).
  • subsasgn: Correct example code (bug #33221).