Octave Version 6.2.0 has been released and is now available for download. An official Windows binary installer is also available. For macOS see the installation instructions in the wiki.

This version is a bug fixing release:


  • bicgstab.m, cgs.m: Fix typo in "iter_min" variable name (bug #60071).
  • Compute with NA correctly on MIPS architecture (bug #59830).
  • Fix lookup of "caller" stack frame (bug #59847).
  • Also wait on main_thread after interpreter shuts down (bug #56952).
  • Fix symbol lookup issue with anonymous functions (bug #55989).
  • Line buffer input in terminal_reader class.
  • qr: Error for dense A and B with three output arguments (bug #58944).
  • strmatch.m: Always return column vector for Matlab compatibility (bug #59917)
  • Avoid crash when evalin global variables into existence in script (bug #59937)
  • Avoid crash on null statement list (bug #59938).
  • Fix ignored output from user function in left side of assignment (bug #59704).
  • Temporarily set lvalue list to null (bug #59704).
  • fminbnd.m: do not ignore "OutputFcn" (bug #59901).
  • load-path.cc: Reduce number of times "canonicalize_file_name" is called (bug #59711).
  • interpn.m: Use size_equal for 10X speedup in cset 067b663529bb (bug #59856).
  • interpn.m: Fix check for scattered point coordinates (bug #59856).
  • Avoid YYUSE in Octave parser files (see bug #59806).
  • struct2hdl.m: Set "units" property early.
  • load-path.cc: Avoid copying string for loop variable.
  • pcg.m: Return correct FLAG and correct RELRES output (bug #59776).
  • Use static keyword on regexp pattern in file_stat (bug #59706).
  • stat: Improve regular expression for UNC roots on Windows (bug #59706).
  • stat: Use "make_absolute" instead of "canonicalize_file_name" on Windows (bug #59706).
  • Improve class_simple function handle function lookup (bug #59661).
  • hdl2struct.m: store hidden text properties (bug #57241).
  • Mark script created with commands from history as modified.
  • replem.m: Fix operations with sparse matrices (bug #59705).
  • ode_event_handler.m: Fix mishandling of event edge types and multiple events (bug #59709).
  • Increase size of dynamic variable new_argv by 1 to avoid indexing out of array.
  • Fix incorrect results for set functions with "legacy" option (bug #59708).
  • dir.m: Return folder (not including file) in field "folder" (bug #59689).
  • Avoid memory leak with function handles (bug #59659).
  • Avoid dispatch error if method argument is a function handle (bug #59617).
  • Avoid crash due to accessing first element of empty list (bug #59656).
  • Don’t propagate prevailing isargout info through mexCallMATLAB (bug #59597).
  • Show original error when failing to create a graphics object (bug #59620).
  • Fix regression with superclass lookup in classdef constructors (bug #59602).
  • Allow Octave class execution_exception to catch std::exception objects (bug #59592).


  • Fix restoring editor session after having closed all tabs (bug #60051).
  • Maybe convert TAB to SPC in GUI terminal pasted text (bug #59916).
  • Make bracketed paste mode work in GUI terminal.
  • Fix regression in variable editor when printing without selection.
  • Avoid gui when octave is launched in non-interactive mode (bug #59628).
  • file-editor-tab.cc (dtor): do not delete m_edit_area (bug #59628).
  • Fix error when restoring previous main window layout (bug #59426).
  • Improve default sizes of gui dock widgets.
  • Clean up constructing main window layout of the gui.
  • Fix focus command window after command execution (bug #59609).
  • Check object size before plotting from variable editor (bug #56685).
  • documentation.cc: Include missing header (bug #59553).

Build system / Tests

  • Add default value to OCTAVE_MIPS_NAN configure macro for cross-compiling (bug #59830).
  • tests: Function name should match file name (bug #59704).
  • Avoid build errors with Qt4 (bug #59813).
  • eigs.m: Make tests that depend on CHOLMOD conditional.
  • tests: Make tests that depend on CXSparse conditional.
  • build: Use SPARSE_XCPPFLAGS in CPP_FLAGS for libcorefcn (bug #59806).
  • Add test case for bug #59661.
  • hgsave.m: Allow test to run with qt or gnuplot graphics toolkits (bug #57241).


  • embedded.cc: Fix syntax error interpreter shutdown.
  • Update Octave Project Developers copyright for the new year.
  • Use the same comment style for copyright headers in .m files and shell scripts.

The above list was generated using the following command and some manual post-processing and grouping:

hg log -r "release-6-1-0:release-6-2-0" -b stable \
| grep "summary:" | nl | sort -rn | cut -f 2- \
| sed 's/summary:\s*/- /' \
| sed 's/\(bug #\)\([0-9]*\)/[\1\2](https:\/\/savannah.gnu.org\/bugs\/?\2)/' \
| sed 's/\(patch #\)\([0-9]*\)/[\1\2](https:\/\/savannah.gnu.org\/patch\/?\2)/'