GNU Octave  4.4.1
A high-level interpreted language, primarily intended for numerical computations, mostly compatible with Matlab
pt-jit.h File Reference
#include "octave-config.h"
#include "jit-typeinfo.h"
#include "jit-ir.h"
#include "pt-walk.h"
#include "symscope.h"
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class  octave::jit_convert
class  octave::jit_convert_llvm
class  octave::jit_function_info
class  octave::jit_infer
class  octave::jit_info
class  octave::jit_module
class  octave::tree_jit




#define JIT_METH(clname)   virtual void visit (jit_ ## clname&);


typedef std::unique_ptr< llvm::ExecutionEngine > octave::jit::EngineOwner
typedef llvm::FunctionPassManager octave::jit::FunctionPassManager
typedef std::unique_ptr< llvm::Module > octave::jit::ModuleOwner
typedef llvm::PassManager octave::jit::PassManager

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#define JIT_METH (   clname)    virtual void visit (jit_ ## clname&);

Definition at line 279 of file pt-jit.h.