GNU Octave  4.2.1
A high-level interpreted language, primarily intended for numerical computations, mostly compatible with Matlab
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Faddeeva Namespace Reference


std::complex< doubleDawson (std::complex< double > z, double relerr=0)
double Dawson (double x)
std::complex< doubleerf (std::complex< double > z, double relerr=0)
double erf (double x)
std::complex< doubleerfc (std::complex< double > z, double relerr=0)
double erfc (double x)
std::complex< doubleerfcx (std::complex< double > z, double relerr=0)
double erfcx (double x)
std::complex< doubleerfi (std::complex< double > z, double relerr=0)
double erfi (double x)
std::complex< doublew (std::complex< double > z, double relerr=0)
double w_im (double x)

Function Documentation

std::complex<double> Faddeeva::Dawson ( std::complex< double z,
double  relerr = 0 

Referenced by octave::math::dawson().

double Faddeeva::Dawson ( double  x)
std::complex<double> Faddeeva::erf ( std::complex< double z,
double  relerr = 0 

Referenced by octave::math::erf().

double Faddeeva::erf ( double  x)
std::complex<double> Faddeeva::erfc ( std::complex< double z,
double  relerr = 0 
double Faddeeva::erfc ( double  x)
std::complex<double> Faddeeva::erfcx ( std::complex< double z,
double  relerr = 0 
double Faddeeva::erfcx ( double  x)

Definition at line 272 of file

References erfcx().

std::complex<double> Faddeeva::erfi ( std::complex< double z,
double  relerr = 0 
double Faddeeva::erfi ( double  x)

Definition at line 290 of file

References erfi().

std::complex<double> Faddeeva::w ( std::complex< double z,
double  relerr = 0 

Referenced by octave::math::betaincinv(), QtHandles::ButtonGroup::ButtonGroup(), QtHandles::Canvas::canvasMouseReleaseEvent(), octave::math::cbesy(), webinfo::close_tab(), history_dock_widget::construct(), QtHandles::ContextMenu::create(), octave::opengl_texture::create(), qr< T >::delete_col(), qr< T >::delete_row(), chol< T >::delete_sym(), octave_int_arith_base< T, false >::div(), octave_int_arith_base< T, true >::div(), chol< T >::downdate(), octave::opengl_renderer::draw_image(), QtHandles::Figure::enableMouseTracking(), etdfs(), octave::gui_application::execute(), Faddeeva_Dawson(), Faddeeva_erf(), Faddeeva_erfc(), Faddeeva_erfcx(), find_starting_node(), terminal_dock_widget::focus(), octave_dock_widget::focusWidget(), Gsymrcm(), terminal_dock_widget::has_focus(), schur< T >::init(), qr< T >::insert_col(), qr< T >::insert_row(), chol< T >::insert_sym(), file_editor::is_editor_console_tabbed(), EIG::left_eigenvectors(), FloatEIG::left_eigenvectors(), QtHandles::Utils::makeImageFromCData(), operator*(), FloatEIG::operator=(), EIG::operator=(), QtHandles::Panel::Panel(), raw_help(), read_file(), QtHandles::Canvas::redraw(), QtHandles::Canvas::setCursor(), qr< T >::shift_cols(), chol< T >::shift_sym(), Screen::ShowCharacter(), string_width(), QtHandles::ToolBarButton< T >::ToolBarButton(), transpose(), QtHandles::ToolBarButton< T >::update(), QtHandles::BaseControl::update(), qr< T >::update(), chol< T >::update(), lu< T >::update_piv(), QtHandles::Canvas::updateCurrentPoint(), and float_format::width().

double Faddeeva::w_im ( double  x)