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tree_parameter_list Class Reference

#include <pt-misc.h>

Inherits octave_base_list< tree_decl_elt * >.

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Public Types

enum  in_or_out { in = 1, out = 2 }

Public Member Functions

 tree_parameter_list (void)
 tree_parameter_list (tree_decl_elt *t)
 ~tree_parameter_list (void)
void mark_as_formal_parameters (void)
bool validate (in_or_out type)
bool takes_varargs (void) const
bool varargs_only (void)
void initialize_undefined_elements (const std::string &warnfor, int nargout, const octave_value &val)
void define_from_arg_vector (const octave_value_list &args)
void undefine (void)
bool is_defined (void)
octave_value_list convert_to_const_vector (int nargout, const Cell &varargout)
tree_parameter_listdup (symbol_table::scope_id scope, symbol_table::context_id context) const
void accept (tree_walker &tw)

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tree_parameter_list::tree_parameter_list ( void   )  [inline]
tree_parameter_list::tree_parameter_list ( tree_decl_elt t  )  [inline]
tree_parameter_list::~tree_parameter_list ( void   ) 

Member Function Documentation

void tree_parameter_list::accept ( tree_walker tw  ) 
octave_value_list tree_parameter_list::convert_to_const_vector ( int  nargout,
const Cell varargout 
void tree_parameter_list::define_from_arg_vector ( const octave_value_list args  ) 
tree_parameter_list * tree_parameter_list::dup ( symbol_table::scope_id  scope,
symbol_table::context_id  context 
) const
void tree_parameter_list::initialize_undefined_elements ( const std::string &  warnfor,
int  nargout,
const octave_value val 
bool tree_parameter_list::is_defined ( void   ) 
void tree_parameter_list::mark_as_formal_parameters ( void   ) 
bool tree_parameter_list::takes_varargs ( void   )  const [inline]
void tree_parameter_list::undefine ( void   ) 
bool tree_parameter_list::validate ( in_or_out  type  ) 
bool tree_parameter_list::varargs_only ( void   )  [inline]

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