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#include "lo-specfun.h"
#include "defun-dld.h"
#include "error.h"
#include "gripes.h"
#include "oct-obj.h"
#include "utils.h"
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 DEFUN_DLD (betainc, args,,"-*- texinfo -*-\n\ @deftypefn {Mapping Function} {} betainc (@var{x}, @var{a}, @var{b})\n\ Return the incomplete Beta function,\n\ @tex\n\ $$\n\ \\beta (x, a, b) = B (a, b)^{-1} \\int_0^x t^{(a-z)} (1-t)^{(b-1)} dt.\n\ $$\n\ @end tex\n\ @ifnottex\n\ @c Set example in small font to prevent overfull line\n\ \n\ @smallexample\n\ @group\n\ x\n\ /\n\ betainc (x, a, b) = beta (a, b)^(-1) | t^(a-1) (1-t)^(b-1) dt.\n\ /\n\ t=0\n\ @end group\n\ @end smallexample\n\ \n\ @end ifnottex\n\ \n\ If x has more than one component, both @var{a} and @var{b} must be\n\ scalars. If @var{x} is a scalar, @var{a} and @var{b} must be of\n\ compatible dimensions.\n\ @end deftypefn")

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DEFUN_DLD ( betainc  ,
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