Commercial Support

The following companies and organizations provide paid consulting services for Octave. If you have questions about them, please visit their web sites or contact them individually. The Octave project does not provide endorsements or recommendations.

If you would like to have your company listed here, please contact us at Octave Discourse in the “maintainers” category.


MOXOFF provides custom programming and custom numerical modeling solutions based on free software tools and in particular on GNU Octave.

MOXOFF applies mathematics and statistical analysis to complex, multiphysics problems. Our approach covers a broad spectrum of fields: we run applied research and develop innovative mathematical solutions for engineering, life science and social science problems. Our skills can be applied to a wide range of subjects: bio-technologies, aerospace design, domestic appliances, conventional and renewable power generation, electronics, financial instruments, analysis and simulation of geological processes, biomedical equipment to cite just a few of our more recent projects. We deliver business-class solutions based on GNU Octave and we also provide evolutive maintenance. We design GNU Octave based interfaces to free software tools for scientific computing.


CoCalc is an online service that provides GNU Octave via Linux Terminals, Jupyter Notebooks and X11 desktops, with full support for realtime collaboration. Moreover, CoCalc features a course management system that is tailored for teaching courses online.

The company Sagemath, Inc. develops and operates CoCalc. You can start working with the online service for free and upgrade later for a better experience. You can also run your own CoCalc on-premises.