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ComplexQR Class Reference

#include <CmplxQR.h>

Inherits base_qr< ComplexMatrix >.

Inherited by ComplexQRP.

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Public Member Functions

 ComplexQR (void)
 ComplexQR (const ComplexMatrix &, qr_type_t=qr_type_std)
 ComplexQR (const ComplexMatrix &qx, const ComplexMatrix &rx)
 ComplexQR (const ComplexQR &a)
void init (const ComplexMatrix &, qr_type_t=qr_type_std)
void update (const ComplexColumnVector &u, const ComplexColumnVector &v)
void update (const ComplexMatrix &u, const ComplexMatrix &v)
void insert_col (const ComplexColumnVector &u, octave_idx_type j)
void insert_col (const ComplexMatrix &u, const Array< octave_idx_type > &j)
void delete_col (octave_idx_type j)
void delete_col (const Array< octave_idx_type > &j)
void insert_row (const ComplexRowVector &u, octave_idx_type j)
void delete_row (octave_idx_type j)
void shift_cols (octave_idx_type i, octave_idx_type j)

Protected Member Functions

void form (octave_idx_type n, ComplexMatrix &afact, Complex *tau, qr_type_t qr_type)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ComplexQR::ComplexQR ( void   )  [inline]

ComplexQR::ComplexQR ( const ComplexMatrix qx,
const ComplexMatrix rx 
) [inline]

ComplexQR::ComplexQR ( const ComplexQR a  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void ComplexQR::delete_col ( const Array< octave_idx_type > &  j  ) 

void ComplexQR::delete_col ( octave_idx_type  j  ) 

void ComplexQR::delete_row ( octave_idx_type  j  ) 

void ComplexQR::form ( octave_idx_type  n,
ComplexMatrix afact,
Complex tau,
qr_type_t  qr_type 
) [protected]

void ComplexQR::init ( const ComplexMatrix a,
qr_type_t  qr_type = qr_type_std 

Reimplemented in ComplexQRP.

void ComplexQR::insert_col ( const ComplexMatrix u,
const Array< octave_idx_type > &  j 

void ComplexQR::insert_col ( const ComplexColumnVector u,
octave_idx_type  j 

void ComplexQR::insert_row ( const ComplexRowVector u,
octave_idx_type  j 

void ComplexQR::shift_cols ( octave_idx_type  i,
octave_idx_type  j 

void ComplexQR::update ( const ComplexMatrix u,
const ComplexMatrix v 

void ComplexQR::update ( const ComplexColumnVector u,
const ComplexColumnVector v 

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