GNU Octave  4.4.1
A high-level interpreted language, primarily intended for numerical computations, mostly compatible with Matlab
octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 fcn_info_rep (const std::string &nm)
 fcn_info_rep (const fcn_info_rep &)=delete
 ~fcn_info_rep (void)=default
octave_value builtin_find (void)
void clear (bool force=false)
void clear_autoload_function (bool force=false)
template<typename T >
void clear_map (std::map< T, octave_value > &map, bool force=false)
void clear_mex_function (void)
void clear_package (void)
void clear_user_function (bool force=false)
octave_value dump (void) const
octave_value find (const octave_value_list &args, bool local_funcs)
octave_value find_autoload (void)
octave_value find_function (const octave_value_list &args, bool local_funcs)
octave_value find_method (const std::string &dispatch_type)
octave_value find_package (void)
octave_value find_user_function (void)
std::string full_name (void) const
void install_built_in_dispatch (const std::string &klass)
void install_built_in_function (const octave_value &f)
void install_cmdline_function (const octave_value &f)
octave_value install_local_function (const std::string &file_name)
void install_local_function (const octave_value &f, const std::string &file_name)
void install_user_function (const octave_value &f)
bool is_user_function_defined (void) const
octave_value load_class_constructor (void)
octave_value load_class_method (const std::string &dispatch_type)
octave_value load_private_function (const std::string &dir_name)
fcn_info_repoperator= (const fcn_info_rep &)=delete

Public Attributes

octave_value autoload_function
octave_value built_in_function
std::map< std::string, octave_valueclass_constructors
std::map< std::string, octave_valueclass_methods
octave_value cmdline_function
octave_value function_on_path
std::map< std::string, octave_valuelocal_functions
std::string name
octave_value package
std::string package_name
std::map< std::string, octave_valueprivate_functions

Private Member Functions

octave_value x_builtin_find (void)
octave_value xfind (const octave_value_list &args, bool local_funcs)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 49 of file fcn-info.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ fcn_info_rep() [1/2]

octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::fcn_info_rep ( const std::string nm)

Definition at line 53 of file fcn-info.h.

References name, and package_name.

◆ fcn_info_rep() [2/2]

octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::fcn_info_rep ( const fcn_info_rep )

◆ ~fcn_info_rep()

octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::~fcn_info_rep ( void  )

Member Function Documentation

◆ builtin_find()

octave_value octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::builtin_find ( void  )

◆ clear()

void octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::clear ( bool  force = false)

◆ clear_autoload_function()

void octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::clear_autoload_function ( bool  force = false)

Definition at line 145 of file fcn-info.h.

References autoload_function, and octave_value::islocked().

Referenced by clear(), and clear_user_function().

◆ clear_map()

template<typename T >
void octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::clear_map ( std::map< T, octave_value > &  map,
bool  force = false 

Definition at line 132 of file fcn-info.h.

References octave_map::begin(), octave_map::end(), map, and p.

Referenced by clear().

◆ clear_mex_function()

void octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::clear_mex_function ( void  )

◆ clear_package()

void octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::clear_package ( void  )

Definition at line 170 of file fcn-info.h.

Referenced by clear().

◆ clear_user_function()

void octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::clear_user_function ( bool  force = false)

◆ dump()

octave_value octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::dump ( void  ) const

Definition at line 807 of file

References octave_value::dump(), octave::dump_function_map(), and octave_value().

◆ find()

octave_value octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::find ( const octave_value_list args,
bool  local_funcs 

◆ find_autoload()

◆ find_function()

octave_value octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::find_function ( const octave_value_list args,
bool  local_funcs 

Definition at line 101 of file fcn-info.h.

References find().

◆ find_method()

octave_value octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::find_method ( const std::string dispatch_type)

Definition at line 670 of file

References octave_value::is_defined(), octave::out_of_date_check(), retval, and val.

◆ find_package()

octave_value octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::find_package ( void  )

◆ find_user_function()

octave_value octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::find_user_function ( void  )

◆ full_name()

std::string octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::full_name ( void  ) const

Definition at line 189 of file fcn-info.h.

References name, and package_name.

◆ install_built_in_dispatch()

void octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::install_built_in_dispatch ( const std::string klass)

◆ install_built_in_function()

void octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::install_built_in_function ( const octave_value f)

Definition at line 123 of file fcn-info.h.

References built_in_function, and f.

◆ install_cmdline_function()

void octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::install_cmdline_function ( const octave_value f)

Definition at line 107 of file fcn-info.h.

References cmdline_function, and f.

◆ install_local_function() [1/2]

octave_value octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::install_local_function ( const std::string file_name)

◆ install_local_function() [2/2]

void octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::install_local_function ( const octave_value f,
const std::string file_name 

Definition at line 112 of file fcn-info.h.

References f, and local_functions.

◆ install_user_function()

void octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::install_user_function ( const octave_value f)

Definition at line 118 of file fcn-info.h.

References f, and function_on_path.

◆ is_user_function_defined()

bool octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::is_user_function_defined ( void  ) const

Definition at line 96 of file fcn-info.h.

References function_on_path, and octave_value::is_defined().

◆ load_class_constructor()

◆ load_class_method()

◆ load_private_function()

◆ operator=()

fcn_info_rep& octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::operator= ( const fcn_info_rep )

◆ x_builtin_find()

◆ xfind()

Member Data Documentation

◆ autoload_function

octave_value octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::autoload_function

Definition at line 215 of file fcn-info.h.

Referenced by clear_autoload_function().

◆ built_in_function

octave_value octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::built_in_function

Definition at line 221 of file fcn-info.h.

Referenced by install_built_in_function().

◆ class_constructors

std::map<std::string, octave_value> octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::class_constructors

Definition at line 208 of file fcn-info.h.

Referenced by clear().

◆ class_methods

std::map<std::string, octave_value> octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::class_methods

Definition at line 211 of file fcn-info.h.

Referenced by clear().

◆ cmdline_function

octave_value octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::cmdline_function

Definition at line 213 of file fcn-info.h.

Referenced by clear_user_function(), and install_cmdline_function().

◆ function_on_path

octave_value octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::function_on_path

◆ local_functions

std::map<std::string, octave_value> octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::local_functions

Definition at line 202 of file fcn-info.h.

Referenced by clear(), and install_local_function().

◆ name

std::string octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::name

Definition at line 197 of file fcn-info.h.

Referenced by fcn_info_rep(), full_name(), and load_private_function().

◆ package

octave_value octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::package

Definition at line 219 of file fcn-info.h.

◆ package_name

std::string octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::package_name

Definition at line 199 of file fcn-info.h.

Referenced by fcn_info_rep(), and full_name().

◆ private_functions

std::map<std::string, octave_value> octave::fcn_info::fcn_info_rep::private_functions

Definition at line 205 of file fcn-info.h.

Referenced by clear(), and load_private_function().

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