GNU Octave  4.4.1
A high-level interpreted language, primarily intended for numerical computations, mostly compatible with Matlab
unistd-wrappers.h File Reference
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
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int octave_access_f_ok (void)
int octave_access_r_ok (void)
int octave_access_w_ok (void)
int octave_access_wrapper (const char *nm, int mode)
int octave_access_x_ok (void)
int octave_chdir_wrapper (const char *nm)
int octave_close_wrapper (int fd)
const char * octave_ctermid_wrapper (void)
int octave_dup2_wrapper (int fd1, int fd2)
int octave_execv_wrapper (const char *file, char *const *argv)
int octave_execvp_wrapper (const char *file, char *const *argv)
pid_t octave_fork_wrapper (void)
int octave_ftruncate_wrapper (int fd, off_t sz)
char * octave_getcwd_wrapper (char *nm, size_t len)
gid_t octave_getegid_wrapper (void)
uid_t octave_geteuid_wrapper (void)
gid_t octave_getgid_wrapper (void)
int octave_gethostname_wrapper (char *nm, size_t len)
pid_t octave_getpgrp_wrapper (void)
pid_t octave_getpid_wrapper (void)
pid_t octave_getppid_wrapper (void)
uid_t octave_getuid_wrapper (void)
bool octave_have_fork (void)
bool octave_have_vfork (void)
int octave_isatty_wrapper (int fd)
int octave_link_wrapper (const char *nm1, const char *nm2)
int octave_pipe_wrapper (int *fd)
int octave_rmdir_wrapper (const char *nm)
pid_t octave_setsid_wrapper (void)
int octave_stdin_fileno (void)
int octave_stdout_fileno (void)
int octave_symlink_wrapper (const char *nm1, const char *nm2)
int octave_unlink_wrapper (const char *nm)
pid_t octave_vfork_wrapper (void)

Function Documentation

◆ octave_access_f_ok()

int octave_access_f_ok ( void  )

Definition at line 46 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

◆ octave_access_r_ok()

int octave_access_r_ok ( void  )

Definition at line 52 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

Referenced by READABLE().

◆ octave_access_w_ok()

int octave_access_w_ok ( void  )

Definition at line 58 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

◆ octave_access_wrapper()

int octave_access_wrapper ( const char *  nm,
int  mode 

Definition at line 70 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

References mode, and nm.

Referenced by READABLE().

◆ octave_access_x_ok()

int octave_access_x_ok ( void  )

Definition at line 64 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

◆ octave_chdir_wrapper()

int octave_chdir_wrapper ( const char *  nm)

Definition at line 76 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

References octave::sys::chdir(), and nm.

Referenced by octave::sys::chdir().

◆ octave_close_wrapper()

int octave_close_wrapper ( int  fd)

Definition at line 82 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

Referenced by octave_procbuf::open().

◆ octave_ctermid_wrapper()

const char* octave_ctermid_wrapper ( void  )

Definition at line 88 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

◆ octave_dup2_wrapper()

int octave_dup2_wrapper ( int  fd1,
int  fd2 

Definition at line 98 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

References octave::sys::dup2().

Referenced by octave::sys::dup2(), and octave_procbuf::open().

◆ octave_execv_wrapper()

int octave_execv_wrapper ( const char *  file,
char *const *  argv 

Definition at line 235 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

References argv, file, and p.

Referenced by octave_exec().

◆ octave_execvp_wrapper()

int octave_execvp_wrapper ( const char *  file,
char *const *  argv 

Definition at line 260 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

References argv, octave::sys::execvp(), and file.

Referenced by octave::sys::execvp().

◆ octave_fork_wrapper()

pid_t octave_fork_wrapper ( void  )

Definition at line 266 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

References octave::sys::fork().

Referenced by octave::sys::fork(), main(), and octave::sys::vfork().

◆ octave_ftruncate_wrapper()

int octave_ftruncate_wrapper ( int  fd,
off_t  sz 

Definition at line 276 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

References sz.

◆ octave_getcwd_wrapper()

char* octave_getcwd_wrapper ( char *  nm,
size_t  len 

Definition at line 282 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

References octave::sys::getcwd(), and nm.

Referenced by octave::sys::getcwd().

◆ octave_getegid_wrapper()

gid_t octave_getegid_wrapper ( void  )

Definition at line 288 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

References octave::sys::getegid().

Referenced by octave::sys::getegid().

◆ octave_geteuid_wrapper()

uid_t octave_geteuid_wrapper ( void  )

◆ octave_getgid_wrapper()

gid_t octave_getgid_wrapper ( void  )

Definition at line 308 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

References octave::sys::getgid().

Referenced by octave::sys::getgid().

◆ octave_gethostname_wrapper()

int octave_gethostname_wrapper ( char *  nm,
size_t  len 

Definition at line 318 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

References nm.

Referenced by octave::sys::env::do_get_host_name().

◆ octave_getpgrp_wrapper()

pid_t octave_getpgrp_wrapper ( void  )

Definition at line 324 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

References octave::sys::getpgrp().

Referenced by octave::sys::getpgrp().

◆ octave_getpid_wrapper()

pid_t octave_getpid_wrapper ( void  )

Definition at line 334 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

References octave::sys::getpid().

Referenced by octave::sys::getpid().

◆ octave_getppid_wrapper()

pid_t octave_getppid_wrapper ( void  )

Definition at line 344 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

References octave::sys::getppid().

Referenced by octave::sys::getppid().

◆ octave_getuid_wrapper()

uid_t octave_getuid_wrapper ( void  )

Definition at line 354 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

References octave::sys::getuid().

Referenced by octave::sys::getuid().

◆ octave_have_fork()

bool octave_have_fork ( void  )

Definition at line 432 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

Referenced by octave::sys::fork(), and octave::sys::vfork().

◆ octave_have_vfork()

bool octave_have_vfork ( void  )

Definition at line 442 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

Referenced by octave::sys::vfork().

◆ octave_isatty_wrapper()

int octave_isatty_wrapper ( int  fd)

Definition at line 364 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

Referenced by raw_mode().

◆ octave_link_wrapper()

int octave_link_wrapper ( const char *  nm1,
const char *  nm2 

Definition at line 370 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

References link().

Referenced by octave::sys::link().

◆ octave_pipe_wrapper()

int octave_pipe_wrapper ( int *  fd)

Definition at line 376 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

References octave::sys::pipe().

Referenced by octave::sys::pipe().

◆ octave_rmdir_wrapper()

int octave_rmdir_wrapper ( const char *  nm)

Definition at line 382 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

References nm, and octave::sys::rmdir().

Referenced by octave::sys::rmdir().

◆ octave_setsid_wrapper()

pid_t octave_setsid_wrapper ( void  )

Definition at line 388 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

Referenced by main().

◆ octave_stdin_fileno()

int octave_stdin_fileno ( void  )

Definition at line 398 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

References STDIN_FILENO.

◆ octave_stdout_fileno()

int octave_stdout_fileno ( void  )

Definition at line 404 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

◆ octave_symlink_wrapper()

int octave_symlink_wrapper ( const char *  nm1,
const char *  nm2 

Definition at line 410 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

References octave::sys::symlink().

Referenced by octave::sys::symlink().

◆ octave_unlink_wrapper()

int octave_unlink_wrapper ( const char *  nm)

Definition at line 416 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

References nm, and octave::sys::unlink().

Referenced by cleanup_tmp_files(), main(), octave::sys::unlink(), and unlink_cleanup().

◆ octave_vfork_wrapper()

pid_t octave_vfork_wrapper ( void  )

Definition at line 422 of file unistd-wrappers.c.

References octave::sys::vfork().

Referenced by octave::sys::vfork().