GNU Octave  4.4.1
A high-level interpreted language, primarily intended for numerical computations, mostly compatible with Matlab
octave_value_list Class Reference

#include "ovl.h"

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Public Member Functions

 octave_value_list (void)
 octave_value_list (octave_idx_type n)
 octave_value_list (octave_idx_type n, const octave_value &val)
 octave_value_list (const octave_value &tc)
template<template< typename... > class OV_Container>
 octave_value_list (const OV_Container< octave_value > &args)
 octave_value_list (const Array< octave_value > &d)
 octave_value_list (const Cell &tc)
 octave_value_list (const octave_value_list &obj)
 octave_value_list (const std::list< octave_value_list > &)
 ~octave_value_list (void)=default
bool all_scalars (void) const
bool all_strings_p (void) const
bool any_cell (void) const
octave_value_listappend (const octave_value &val)
octave_value_listappend (const octave_value_list &lst)
Array< octave_valuearray_value (void) const
Cell cell_value (void) const
void clear (void)
bool empty (void) const
bool has_magic_colon (void) const
octave_idx_type length (void) const
string_vector make_argv (const std::string &="") const
void make_storable_values (void)
string_vector name_tags (void) const
octave_valueoperator() (octave_idx_type n)
const octave_valueoperator() (octave_idx_type n) const
octave_value_listoperator= (const octave_value_list &obj)
octave_value_listprepend (const octave_value &val)
void resize (octave_idx_type n, const octave_value &rfv=octave_value())
octave_value_listreverse (void)
octave_value_list slice (octave_idx_type offset, octave_idx_type len, bool tags=false) const
octave_value_list splice (octave_idx_type offset, octave_idx_type len, const octave_value_list &lst=octave_value_list()) const
void stash_name_tags (const string_vector &nm)
octave_valuexelem (octave_idx_type i)

Private Member Functions

octave_valueelem (octave_idx_type n)
const octave_valueelem (octave_idx_type n) const

Private Attributes

Array< octave_valuedata
string_vector names

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file ovl.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ octave_value_list() [1/9]

octave_value_list::octave_value_list ( void  )

Definition at line 45 of file ovl.h.

Referenced by ovl().

◆ octave_value_list() [2/9]

octave_value_list::octave_value_list ( octave_idx_type  n)

Definition at line 48 of file ovl.h.

◆ octave_value_list() [3/9]

octave_value_list::octave_value_list ( octave_idx_type  n,
const octave_value val 

Definition at line 51 of file ovl.h.

◆ octave_value_list() [4/9]

octave_value_list::octave_value_list ( const octave_value tc)

Definition at line 54 of file ovl.h.

◆ octave_value_list() [5/9]

template<template< typename... > class OV_Container>
octave_value_list::octave_value_list ( const OV_Container< octave_value > &  args)

Definition at line 58 of file ovl.h.

◆ octave_value_list() [6/9]

octave_value_list::octave_value_list ( const Array< octave_value > &  d)

Definition at line 61 of file ovl.h.

◆ octave_value_list() [7/9]

octave_value_list::octave_value_list ( const Cell tc)

Definition at line 64 of file ovl.h.

◆ octave_value_list() [8/9]

octave_value_list::octave_value_list ( const octave_value_list obj)

Definition at line 67 of file ovl.h.

◆ octave_value_list() [9/9]

octave_value_list::octave_value_list ( const std::list< octave_value_list > &  lst)

Definition at line 35 of file

References Array< T >::assign(), data, Array< T >::data(), k, length(), ovl(), and Array< T >::resize().

◆ ~octave_value_list()

octave_value_list::~octave_value_list ( void  )

Member Function Documentation

◆ all_scalars()

bool octave_value_list::all_scalars ( void  ) const

Definition at line 173 of file

References dim_vector::all_ones(), octave_value::dims(), dv, elem(), i, and length().

Referenced by octave_struct::subsasgn(), and octave_cell::subsasgn().

◆ all_strings_p()

bool octave_value_list::all_strings_p ( void  ) const

Definition at line 161 of file

References elem(), i, and length().

Referenced by make_argv().

◆ any_cell()

bool octave_value_list::any_cell ( void  ) const

Definition at line 188 of file

References elem(), i, and length().

◆ append() [1/2]

◆ append() [2/2]

octave_value_list & octave_value_list::append ( const octave_value_list lst)

Definition at line 95 of file

References elem(), i, length(), and resize().

◆ array_value()

◆ cell_value()

Cell octave_value_list::cell_value ( void  ) const

◆ clear()

void octave_value_list::clear ( void  )

Definition at line 152 of file ovl.h.

References Array< T >::clear(), and data.

◆ elem() [1/2]

octave_value& octave_value_list::elem ( octave_idx_type  n)

◆ elem() [2/2]

const octave_value& octave_value_list::elem ( octave_idx_type  n) const

Definition at line 170 of file ovl.h.

References data.

◆ empty()

◆ has_magic_colon()

bool octave_value_list::has_magic_colon ( void  ) const

Definition at line 200 of file

References elem(), i, and length().

Referenced by octave_mex_function::call(), octave_builtin::call(), and octave::tree_index_expression::lvalue().

◆ length()

octave_idx_type octave_value_list::length ( void  ) const

Definition at line 96 of file ovl.h.

References data, and Array< T >::numel().

Referenced by add_hdf5_data(), base_property::add_listener(), addlistener(), all_scalars(), all_strings_p(), octave_user_function::all_va_args(), any_cell(), append(), octave_base_matrix< boolNDArray >::assign(), octave_base_sparse< SparseComplexMatrix >::assign(), Cell::assign(), octave_map::assign(), octave::tree_evaluator::bind_ans(), bitop(), octave::tree_statement_list::breakpoints_and_conds(), octave_user_script::call(), octave_user_function::call(), call_mex(), class_fevalStatic(), class_fromName(), class_get_inferiorclasses(), class_get_methods(), class_get_properties(), class_get_superclasses(), class_getConstant(), octave::octave_qscintilla::clear_selection_markers(), property::create(), octave::tree_evaluator::define_parameter_list_from_arg_vector(), octave::tree_statement_list::delete_breakpoint(), octave_base_matrix< boolNDArray >::delete_elements(), Cell::delete_elements(), octave_base_sparse< SparseComplexMatrix >::delete_elements(), octave_map::delete_elements(), base_property::delete_listener(), do_bessel(), do_fft(), do_fft2(), do_fftn(), do_history(), octave_diag_matrix::do_index_op(), octave_perm_matrix::do_index_op(), octave_base_diag< DiagMatrix, Matrix >::do_index_op(), octave_base_matrix< boolNDArray >::do_index_op(), octave_struct::do_index_op(), octave_range::do_index_op(), octave_base_sparse< SparseComplexMatrix >::do_index_op(), octave_char_matrix_str::do_index_op_internal(), do_isglobal(), do_minmax_body(), do_trilu(), octave_struct::dotref(), octave_class::dotref(), octave_scalar_struct::dotref(), octave::tree_evaluator::echo(), octave::jit_function_info::execute(), F__get_frame__(), F__zoom__(), Ffwrite(), octave::find_bkpt_list(), Fsizeof(), Ftoc(), G__delaunayn__(), G__ode15__(), octave::get_dispatch_type(), handle_message(), has_magic_colon(), if(), Cell::index(), octave_map::index(), octave::tm_row_const::tm_row_const_rep::init(), octave::jit_function_info::jit_function_info(), string_vector::list_in_columns(), make_argv(), make_fcn_handle(), make_idx_args(), make_java_index(), make_storable_values(), make_valid_identifier(), octave::jit_function_info::match(), mk_tmp_hist_file(), octave_class::numel(), octave_classdef::numel(), octave_class::octave_class(), octave::octave_jit_call(), octave_value_list(), octregexp(), octave::out_of_date_check(), octave::bp_table::parse_dbfunction_params(), parse_options(), octave::textscan::parse_options(), prepend(), octave::tree_funcall::print_raw(), radio_values::radio_values(), octave::tree_statement_list::remove_all_breakpoints(), octave::bp_table::remove_breakpoint_1(), reverse(), base_property::run_listeners(), sanitize(), graphics_object::set(), annotation_dialog::set_gui_props(), octave_class::size(), splice(), octave_cell::string_vector_value(), octave_base_diag< DiagMatrix, Matrix >::subsasgn(), octave_struct::subsasgn(), octave_cell::subsasgn(), octave_scalar_struct::subsasgn(), octave_class::subsasgn_common(), subsref(), unique_symbol_name(), octave::octave_lvalue::value(), octave::tree_evaluator::visit_index_expression(), octave::tree_evaluator::visit_multi_assignment(), waitfor_del_listener(), waitfor_listener(), xset(), and octave::xzip().

◆ make_argv()

string_vector octave_value_list::make_argv ( const std::string fcn_name = "") const

◆ make_storable_values()

void octave_value_list::make_storable_values ( void  )

Definition at line 262 of file

References data, i, length(), and tmp.

◆ name_tags()

string_vector octave_value_list::name_tags ( void  ) const

Definition at line 146 of file ovl.h.

References names.

Referenced by octave_user_function::call().

◆ operator()() [1/2]

octave_value& octave_value_list::operator() ( octave_idx_type  n)

Definition at line 92 of file ovl.h.

References elem.

◆ operator()() [2/2]

const octave_value& octave_value_list::operator() ( octave_idx_type  n) const

Definition at line 94 of file ovl.h.

References elem.

◆ operator=()

octave_value_list& octave_value_list::operator= ( const octave_value_list obj)

Definition at line 75 of file ovl.h.

References data, and names.

◆ prepend()

octave_value_list & octave_value_list::prepend ( const octave_value val)

Definition at line 65 of file

References elem(), length(), resize(), and val.

Referenced by QtHandles::Canvas::canvasMouseReleaseEvent(), and get_output_list().

◆ resize()

◆ reverse()

octave_value_list & octave_value_list::reverse ( void  )

Definition at line 109 of file

References elem(), i, length(), and tmp.

◆ slice()

◆ splice()

octave_value_list octave_value_list::splice ( octave_idx_type  offset,
octave_idx_type  len,
const octave_value_list lst = octave_value_list () 
) const

Definition at line 124 of file

References elem(), error(), i, k, length(), octave_value::resize(), and retval.

Referenced by class_fevalStatic().

◆ stash_name_tags()

◆ xelem()

octave_value& octave_value_list::xelem ( octave_idx_type  i)

Definition at line 150 of file ovl.h.

References data, i, and Array< T >::xelem().

Referenced by octave::octave_jit_call().

Member Data Documentation

◆ data

Array<octave_value> octave_value_list::data

◆ names

string_vector octave_value_list::names

Definition at line 160 of file ovl.h.

Referenced by name_tags(), operator=(), octave_fcn_handle::set_fcn(), slice(), and stash_name_tags().

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