GNU Octave  4.0.0
A high-level interpreted language, primarily intended for numerical computations, mostly compatible with Matlab
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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 C_idxadda_helper< T >
 C_idxadds_helper< T >
 C_idxbinop_helper< T, op >
 CArray< T >Handles the reference counting for all the derived classes
 CArray< bool >
 CArray< cdef_object >
 CArray< char >
 CArray< Complex >
 CArray< double >
 CArray< float >
 CArray< FloatComplex >
 CArray< int >
 CArray< jit_function >
 CArray< octave_idx_type >
 CArray< octave_uint8 >
 CArray< octave_value >
 CArray< printf_format_elt * >
 CArray< scanf_format_elt * >
 CArray< std::string >
 CArray< void * >
 CArray< T >::ArrayRepThe real representation of all arrays
 Cbase_aepbal< MatrixT, VectorT >
 Cbase_aepbal< ComplexMatrix, ColumnVector >
 Cbase_aepbal< FloatComplexMatrix, FloatColumnVector >
 Cbase_aepbal< FloatMatrix, FloatColumnVector >
 Cbase_aepbal< Matrix, ColumnVector >
 Cbase_det< T >
 Cbase_lu< lu_type >
 Cbase_lu< ComplexMatrix >
 Cbase_lu< FloatComplexMatrix >
 Cbase_lu< FloatMatrix >
 Cbase_lu< Matrix >
 Cbase_qr< qr_type >
 Cbase_qr< ComplexMatrix >
 Cbase_qr< FloatComplexMatrix >
 Cbase_qr< FloatMatrix >
 Cbase_qr< Matrix >
 Cstd::basic_string< Char >STL class
 Cstd::bit_and< T >
 Cstd::bit_or< T >
 Cstd::bit_xor< T >
 Cbsxfun_wrapper< R, X, Y, F >
 CCharacterA single character in the terminal which consists of a unicode character value, foreground and background colors and a set of rendition attributes which specify how it should be drawn
 CCharacterColorDescribes the color of a single character in the terminal
 Cclass_to_btyp< T >
 Cclass_to_btyp< bool >
 Cclass_to_btyp< char >
 Cclass_to_btyp< Complex >
 Cclass_to_btyp< double >
 Cclass_to_btyp< float >
 Cclass_to_btyp< FloatComplex >
 Cclass_to_btyp< octave_int16 >
 Cclass_to_btyp< octave_int32 >
 Cclass_to_btyp< octave_int64 >
 Cclass_to_btyp< octave_int8 >
 Cclass_to_btyp< octave_uint16 >
 Cclass_to_btyp< octave_uint32 >
 Cclass_to_btyp< octave_uint64 >
 Cclass_to_btyp< octave_uint8 >
 CColorEntryAn entry in a terminal display's color palette
 Cprofile_data_accumulator::enter< T >
 CKeyboardTranslator::EntryRepresents an association between a key sequence pressed by the user and the character sequence and commands associated with it for a particular KeyboardTranslator
 Cequal_types< T1, T2 >
 Cequal_types< T, T >
 Cstd::exceptionSTL class
 CExtendedCharTableA table which stores sequences of unicode characters, referenced by hash keys
 Cfcn_ptr< RT, PT >
 CFilterA filter processes blocks of text looking for certain patterns (such as URLs or keywords from a list) and marks the areas which match the filter's patterns as 'hotspots'
 Cfunctor< RT, PT >
 Cfunctor_with_conversion< CT, RT, PT >
 Cgzomanip2< T1, T2 >Gzipped file output stream manipulator class
 CFilter::HotSpotRepresents an area of text which matched the pattern a particular filter has been looking for
 Cif_then_else< cond, T1, T2 >
 Cif_then_else< false, T1, T2 >
 Cif_then_else< true, T1, T2 >
 Cstd::ios_baseSTL class
 Cllvm::IRBuilder< preserveNames, T, Inserter >
 Cllvm::IRBuilderDefaultInserter< preserveNames >
 Cis_class_type< T1 >
 Cis_instance< Template, T >
 Cis_instance< Template, Template< T > >
 Cjava_local_ref< T >
 Cjit_array< T, U >
 Cjit_internal_list< LIST_T, NODE_T >
 Cjit_internal_list< jit_block, jit_phi_incomming >
 Cjit_internal_list< jit_value, jit_use >
 Cjit_internal_node< LIST_T, NODE_T >
 Cjit_internal_node< jit_block, jit_phi_incomming >
 Cjit_internal_node< jit_value, jit_use >
 CKeyboardTranslatorA convertor which maps between key sequences pressed by the user and the character strings which should be sent to the terminal and commands which should be invoked when those character sequences are pressed
 CKeyboardTranslatorManagerManages the keyboard translations available for use by terminal sessions, see KeyboardTranslator
 CKeyboardTranslatorReaderParses the contents of a Keyboard Translator (.keytab) file and returns the entries found in it
 CKeyboardTranslatorWriterWrites a keyboard translation to disk
 CKPtyProvides primitives for opening & closing a pseudo TTY pair, assigning the controlling TTY, utmp registration and setting various terminal attributes
 CMainWindowRepresents the main window
 Cstd::map< K, T >STL class
 Coctave_sort< T >::MergeState
 Cnorm_accumulator_0< R >
 Cnorm_accumulator_1< R >
 Cnorm_accumulator_2< R >
 Cnorm_accumulator_inf< R >
 Cnorm_accumulator_minf< R >
 Cnorm_accumulator_mp< R >
 Cnorm_accumulator_p< R >
 Coctave_base_int_helper< T, is_signed, can_be_too_big >
 Coctave_base_int_helper< T, false, false >
 Coctave_base_int_helper< T, false, true >
 Coctave_base_int_helper< T, true, false >
 Coctave_base_int_helper_traits< T >
 Coctave_base_int_helper_traits< char >
 Coctave_base_int_helper_traits< signed char >
 Coctave_base_int_helper_traits< unsigned char >
 Coctave_base_list< elt_type >
 Coctave_base_list< match_element >
 Coctave_base_list< octave_child >
 Coctave_base_list< octave_comment_elt >
 Coctave_base_list< octave_value >
 Coctave_base_list< T >
 Coctave_base_list< text_element * >
 Coctave_base_list< tm_row_const >
 Coctave_base_list< tree_argument_list * >
 Coctave_base_list< tree_classdef_attribute * >
 Coctave_base_list< tree_classdef_enum * >
 Coctave_base_list< tree_classdef_event * >
 Coctave_base_list< tree_classdef_property * >
 Coctave_base_list< tree_classdef_superclass * >
 Coctave_base_list< tree_decl_elt * >
 Coctave_base_list< tree_expression * >
 Coctave_base_list< tree_if_clause * >
 Coctave_base_list< tree_index_expression * >
 Coctave_base_list< tree_statement * >
 Coctave_base_list< tree_switch_case * >
 Coctave_int_arith_base< T, is_signed >
 Coctave_int_arith_base< T, std::numeric_limits< T >::is_signed >
 Coctave_int_base< T >
 Coctave_local_buffer< T >
 Coctave_print_conv< T >
 Coctave_print_conv< octave_int8 >
 Coctave_print_conv< octave_uint8 >
 Coctave_refcount< T >
 Coctave_refcount< int >
 Coctave_refcount< octave_idx_type >
 Coctave_refcount< size_t >
 Coctave_sort< T >
 Coctave_value_int_traits< T >
 Coctave_value_int_traits< int16NDArray >
 Coctave_value_int_traits< int32NDArray >
 Coctave_value_int_traits< int64NDArray >
 Coctave_value_int_traits< int8NDArray >
 Coctave_value_int_traits< uint16NDArray >
 Coctave_value_int_traits< uint32NDArray >
 Coctave_value_int_traits< uint64NDArray >
 Coctave_value_int_traits< uint8NDArray >
 Coctave_int_cmp_op::prom< T1, T2 >
 Cquery_integer_type< qsize, qsigned >
 Cquery_integer_type< sizeof(int16_t), std::numeric_limits< int16_t >::is_signed >
 Cquery_integer_type< sizeof(int32_t), std::numeric_limits< int32_t >::is_signed >
 Cquery_integer_type< sizeof(int64_t), std::numeric_limits< int64_t >::is_signed >
 Cquery_integer_type< sizeof(int8_t), std::numeric_limits< int8_t >::is_signed >
 Cquery_integer_type< sizeof(uint16_t), std::numeric_limits< uint16_t >::is_signed >
 Cquery_integer_type< sizeof(uint32_t), std::numeric_limits< uint32_t >::is_signed >
 Cquery_integer_type< sizeof(uint64_t), std::numeric_limits< uint64_t >::is_signed >
 Cquery_integer_type< sizeof(uint8_t), std::numeric_limits< uint8_t >::is_signed >
 Cref_param< T >
 Crev_op< xop >
 Crev_op< octave_int_cmp_op::ge >
 Crev_op< octave_int_cmp_op::gt >
 Crev_op< octave_int_cmp_op::le >
 Crev_op< octave_int_cmp_op::lt >
 Coctave_sort< T >::s_slice
 CScreenAn image of characters with associated attributes
 CSparse< T >
 CSparse< bool >
 CSparse< Complex >
 CSparse< double >
 Csparse_base_chol< chol_type, chol_elt, p_type >
 Csparse_base_chol< SparseComplexMatrix, Complex, SparseMatrix >
 Csparse_base_chol< SparseMatrix, double, SparseMatrix >
 Csparse_base_chol< chol_type, chol_elt, p_type >::sparse_base_chol_rep
 Csparse_base_lu< lu_type, lu_elt_type, p_type, p_elt_type >
 Csparse_base_lu< SparseComplexMatrix, Complex, SparseMatrix, double >
 Csparse_base_lu< SparseMatrix, double, SparseMatrix, double >
 CSparse< T >::SparseRep
 Cstrip_template_param< TemplatedClass, T >
 Cstrip_template_param< TemplatedClass, TemplatedClass< T > >
 Csubst_template_param< TemplatedClass, T, S >
 Csubst_template_param< TemplatedClass, TemplatedClass< T >, S >
 CTerminalCharacterDecoderBase class for terminal character decoders
 Cis_class_type< T1 >::two
 Coctave_int_cmp_op::uiop< xop, size >
 Cultimate_element_type< T >
 Cultimate_element_type< octave_int< T > >
 Cvec_index< T >
 Cstd::vector< T >STL class
 Cbool *
 Cdouble *
 Cfloat *