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lex.h File Reference

#include <list>
#include <stack>
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class  lexical_feedback
class  stream_reader


typedef struct yy_buffer_state * YY_BUFFER_STATE


OCTINTERP_API void cleanup_parser (void)
OCTINTERP_API void clear_all_buffers (void)
OCTINTERP_API YY_BUFFER_STATE current_buffer (void)
OCTINTERP_API void delete_buffer (YY_BUFFER_STATE buf)
std::string grab_comment_block (stream_reader &reader, bool at_bol, bool &eof)
bool is_keyword (const std::string &s)
void prep_lexer_for_function_file (void)
void prep_lexer_for_script_file (void)
OCTINTERP_API void switch_to_buffer (YY_BUFFER_STATE buf)


lexical_feedback lexer_flags
bool parser_end_of_input

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct yy_buffer_state* YY_BUFFER_STATE

Definition at line 32 of file lex.h.

Function Documentation

OCTINTERP_API void cleanup_parser ( void   ) 

Referenced by do_octave_atexit().

OCTINTERP_API void clear_all_buffers ( void   ) 
OCTINTERP_API YY_BUFFER_STATE create_buffer ( FILE *  f  ) 

Referenced by get_debug_input(), and octave_main().

OCTINTERP_API YY_BUFFER_STATE current_buffer ( void   ) 

Referenced by get_debug_input().

OCTINTERP_API void delete_buffer ( YY_BUFFER_STATE  buf  ) 

Referenced by get_debug_input().

std::string grab_comment_block ( stream_reader reader,
bool  at_bol,
bool eof 
bool is_keyword ( const std::string &  s  ) 

Referenced by DEFUN(), and read_mat_ascii_data().

void prep_lexer_for_function_file ( void   ) 
void prep_lexer_for_script_file ( void   ) 
OCTINTERP_API void switch_to_buffer ( YY_BUFFER_STATE  buf  ) 

Referenced by get_debug_input(), and octave_main().

Variable Documentation

Referenced by input_event_hook().

Referenced by main_loop().

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