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toplev.h File Reference

#include <cstdio>
#include <deque>
#include <string>
#include "quit.h"
#include "input.h"
#include "oct-map.h"
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struct  octave_call_stack::call_stack_elt
class  octave_call_stack




typedef void(* octave_exit_func )(int)


OCTINTERP_API void clean_up_and_exit (int)
OCTINTERP_API void do_octave_atexit (void)
OCTINTERP_API int main_loop (void)
OCTINTERP_API void octave_add_atexit_function (const std::string &fname)
OCTINTERP_API bool octave_remove_atexit_function (const std::string &fname)
OCTINTERP_API void recover_from_exception (void)


OCTINTERP_API int exit_status
OCTINTERP_API tree_statement_listglobal_command
OCTINTERP_API octave_exit_func octave_exit
OCTINTERP_API bool octave_initialized
OCTINTERP_API bool octave_interpreter_ready
OCTINTERP_API bool quit_allowed
OCTINTERP_API bool quitting_gracefully

Define Documentation

catch (E) \
    { \
      std::cerr << "error: ignoring " #E " while preparing to exit" << std::endl; \
      recover_from_exception (); \

Definition at line 424 of file toplev.h.

#define OCTAVE_SAFE_CALL (   F,
do \
    { \
      try \
        { \
          unwind_protect frame; \
          frame.protect_var (Vdebug_on_error); \
          frame.protect_var (Vdebug_on_warning); \
          Vdebug_on_error = false; \
          Vdebug_on_warning = false; \
          F ARGS; \
        } \
      OCTAVE_IGNORE_EXCEPTION (octave_interrupt_exception) \
      OCTAVE_IGNORE_EXCEPTION (octave_execution_exception) \
      OCTAVE_IGNORE_EXCEPTION (std::bad_alloc) \
      if (error_state) \
        error_state = 0; \
    } \
  while (0)

Definition at line 431 of file toplev.h.

Referenced by close_figure(), and do_octave_atexit().

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* octave_exit_func)(int)

Definition at line 45 of file toplev.h.

Function Documentation

OCTINTERP_API void clean_up_and_exit ( int   ) 

Definition at line 668 of file

References do_octave_atexit(), and octave_exit.

Referenced by execute_eval_option_code(), main_loop(), octave_main(), and safe_source_file().

OCTINTERP_API void do_octave_atexit ( void   ) 
OCTINTERP_API int main_loop ( void   ) 
OCTINTERP_API void octave_add_atexit_function ( const std::string &  fname  ) 

Definition at line 1102 of file

References octave_atexit_functions.

Referenced by DEFUN().

OCTINTERP_API bool octave_remove_atexit_function ( const std::string &  fname  ) 

Definition at line 1108 of file

References octave_atexit_functions.

Referenced by DEFUN().

OCTINTERP_API void recover_from_exception ( void   ) 

Variable Documentation

OCTINTERP_API int exit_status

Definition at line 88 of file

Referenced by execute_eval_option_code(), and safe_source_file().

Definition at line 98 of file

Referenced by get_debug_input().

Definition at line 80 of file

Referenced by clean_up_and_exit().

OCTINTERP_API bool octave_initialized

Definition at line 92 of file

Referenced by execute_pkg_add_or_del(), and octave_main().

OCTINTERP_API bool quit_allowed

Definition at line 83 of file

Referenced by DEFUN(), octave_main(), and octave_oncleanup::~octave_oncleanup().

OCTINTERP_API bool quitting_gracefully
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