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dDiagMatrix.h File Reference

#include "MDiagArray2.h"
#include "dRowVector.h"
#include "dColVector.h"
#include "DET.h"
#include "mx-defs.h"
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class  DiagMatrix


OCTAVE_API DiagMatrix imag (const ComplexDiagMatrix &a)
OCTAVE_API DiagMatrix operator* (const DiagMatrix &a, const DiagMatrix &b)
OCTAVE_API DiagMatrix real (const ComplexDiagMatrix &a)

Function Documentation

OCTAVE_API DiagMatrix imag ( const ComplexDiagMatrix a  ) 
OCTAVE_API DiagMatrix operator* ( const DiagMatrix a,
const DiagMatrix b 
OCTAVE_API DiagMatrix real ( const ComplexDiagMatrix a  ) 
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