ComplexQR Member List

This is the complete list of members for ComplexQR, including all inherited members.
base_qr(void)base_qr< ComplexMatrix > [inline]
base_qr(const ComplexMatrix &q, const ComplexMatrix &r)base_qr< ComplexMatrix >
base_qr(const base_qr &a)base_qr< ComplexMatrix > [inline]
ComplexQR(void)ComplexQR [inline]
ComplexQR(const ComplexMatrix &, qr_type_t=qr_type_std)ComplexQR
ComplexQR(const ComplexMatrix &qx, const ComplexMatrix &rx)ComplexQR [inline]
ComplexQR(const ComplexQR &a)ComplexQR [inline]
delete_col(octave_idx_type j)ComplexQR
delete_col(const Array< octave_idx_type > &j)ComplexQR
delete_row(octave_idx_type j)ComplexQR
form(octave_idx_type n, ComplexMatrix &afact, Complex *tau, qr_type_t qr_type)ComplexQR [protected]
get_type(void) constbase_qr< ComplexMatrix >
init(const ComplexMatrix &, qr_type_t=qr_type_std)ComplexQR
insert_col(const ComplexColumnVector &u, octave_idx_type j)ComplexQR
insert_col(const ComplexMatrix &u, const Array< octave_idx_type > &j)ComplexQR
insert_row(const ComplexRowVector &u, octave_idx_type j)ComplexQR
operator=(const base_qr &a)base_qr< ComplexMatrix > [inline]
Q(void) constbase_qr< ComplexMatrix > [inline]
qbase_qr< ComplexMatrix > [protected]
qr_elt_type typedefbase_qr< ComplexMatrix >
R(void) constbase_qr< ComplexMatrix > [inline]
rbase_qr< ComplexMatrix > [protected]
regular(void) constbase_qr< ComplexMatrix >
shift_cols(octave_idx_type i, octave_idx_type j)ComplexQR
update(const ComplexColumnVector &u, const ComplexColumnVector &v)ComplexQR
update(const ComplexMatrix &u, const ComplexMatrix &v)ComplexQR
~base_qr(void)base_qr< ComplexMatrix > [inline, virtual]
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