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#include <string>
#include <cctype>
#include <sstream>
#include <algorithm>
#include "lo-ieee.h"
#include "Cell.h"
#include "ov.h"
#include "defun-dld.h"
#include "gripes.h"
#include "utils.h"
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 DEFUN_DLD (str2double, args,,"-*- texinfo -*-\n\ @deftypefn {Built-in Function} {} str2double (@var{s})\n\ Convert a string to a real or complex number.\n\ \n\ The string must be in one of the following formats where\n\ a and b are real numbers and the complex unit is 'i' or 'j':\n\ \n\ @itemize\n\ @item a + bi\n\ \n\ @item a + b*i\n\ \n\ @item a + i*b\n\ \n\ @item bi + a\n\ \n\ @item b*i + a\n\ \n\ @item i*b + a\n\ @end itemize\n\ \n\ If present, a and/or b are of the form @nospell{[+-]d[,.]d[[eE][+-]d]} where\n\ the brackets indicate optional arguments and 'd' indicates zero or more\n\ digits. The special input values @code{Inf}, @code{NaN}, and @code{NA} are\n\ also accepted.\n\ \n\ @var{s} may also be a character matrix, in which case the conversion is\n\ repeated for each row. Or @var{s} may be a cell array of strings, in which\n\ case each element is converted and an array of the same dimensions is\n\ returned.\n\ \n\ @code{str2double} can replace @code{str2num}, and it avoids the use of\n\ @code{eval} on unknown data.\n\ @seealso{str2num}\n\ @end deftypefn")

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DEFUN_DLD ( str2double  ,
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