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#include "EIG.h"
#include "fEIG.h"
#include "defun-dld.h"
#include "error.h"
#include "gripes.h"
#include "oct-obj.h"
#include "utils.h"
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 DEFUN_DLD (eig, args, nargout,"-*- texinfo -*-\n\ @deftypefn {Loadable Function} {@var{lambda} =} eig (@var{A})\n\ @deftypefnx {Loadable Function} {@var{lambda} =} eig (@var{A}, @var{B})\n\ @deftypefnx {Loadable Function} {[@var{V}, @var{lambda}] =} eig (@var{A})\n\ @deftypefnx {Loadable Function} {[@var{V}, @var{lambda}] =} eig (@var{A}, @var{B})\n\ The eigenvalues (and eigenvectors) of a matrix are computed in a several\n\ step process which begins with a Hessenberg decomposition, followed by a\n\ Schur@tie{}decomposition, from which the eigenvalues are apparent. The\n\ eigenvectors, when desired, are computed by further manipulations of the\n\ Schur@tie{}decomposition.\n\ \n\ The eigenvalues returned by @code{eig} are not ordered.\n\ @seealso{eigs, svd}\n\ @end deftypefn")

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DEFUN_DLD ( eig  ,
args  ,
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