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graphics_toolkit Class Reference

#include <graphics.h>

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Public Member Functions

 graphics_toolkit (void)
 graphics_toolkit (base_graphics_toolkit *b)
 graphics_toolkit (const graphics_toolkit &b)
 ~graphics_toolkit (void)
graphics_toolkitoperator= (const graphics_toolkit &b)
 operator bool (void) const
std::string get_name (void) const
void redraw_figure (const graphics_object &go) const
void print_figure (const graphics_object &go, const std::string &term, const std::string &file, bool mono, const std::string &debug_file="") const
Matrix get_canvas_size (const graphics_handle &fh) const
double get_screen_resolution (void) const
Matrix get_screen_size (void) const
void update (const graphics_object &go, int id)
void update (const graphics_handle &h, int id)
void initialize (const graphics_object &go)
void initialize (const graphics_handle &h)
void finalize (const graphics_object &go)
void finalize (const graphics_handle &h)

Static Public Member Functions

default_toolkit (void)
static void register_toolkit (const graphics_toolkit &b)
static void unregister_toolkit (const std::string &name)
static graphics_toolkit find_toolkit (const std::string &name)
static Cell available_toolkits_list (void)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

graphics_toolkit::graphics_toolkit ( void   )  [inline]
graphics_toolkit::graphics_toolkit ( base_graphics_toolkit b  )  [inline]
graphics_toolkit::graphics_toolkit ( const graphics_toolkit b  )  [inline]
graphics_toolkit::~graphics_toolkit ( void   )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

static Cell graphics_toolkit::available_toolkits_list ( void   )  [inline, static]
graphics_toolkit graphics_toolkit::default_toolkit ( void   )  [static]
void graphics_toolkit::finalize ( const graphics_object go  )  [inline]
void graphics_toolkit::finalize ( const graphics_handle h  )  [inline]
static graphics_toolkit graphics_toolkit::find_toolkit ( const std::string &  name  )  [inline, static]
Matrix graphics_toolkit::get_canvas_size ( const graphics_handle fh  )  const [inline]
std::string graphics_toolkit::get_name ( void   )  const [inline]
double graphics_toolkit::get_screen_resolution ( void   )  const [inline]
Matrix graphics_toolkit::get_screen_size ( void   )  const [inline]
void graphics_toolkit::initialize ( const graphics_object go  )  [inline]
void graphics_toolkit::initialize ( const graphics_handle h  )  [inline]
graphics_toolkit::operator bool ( void   )  const [inline]
graphics_toolkit& graphics_toolkit::operator= ( const graphics_toolkit b  )  [inline]
void graphics_toolkit::print_figure ( const graphics_object go,
const std::string &  term,
const std::string &  file,
bool  mono,
const std::string &  debug_file = "" 
) const [inline]
void graphics_toolkit::redraw_figure ( const graphics_object go  )  const [inline]
static void graphics_toolkit::register_toolkit ( const graphics_toolkit b  )  [inline, static]
static void graphics_toolkit::unregister_toolkit ( const std::string &  name  )  [inline, static]
void graphics_toolkit::update ( const graphics_object go,
int  id 
) [inline]
void graphics_toolkit::update ( const graphics_handle h,
int  id 
) [inline]

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