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boolMatrix Class Reference

#include <boolMatrix.h>

Inherits Array< bool >.

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Public Member Functions

 boolMatrix (void)
 boolMatrix (octave_idx_type r, octave_idx_type c)
 boolMatrix (octave_idx_type r, octave_idx_type c, bool val)
 boolMatrix (const dim_vector &dv)
 boolMatrix (const dim_vector &dv, bool val)
 boolMatrix (const Array< bool > &a)
 boolMatrix (const boolMatrix &a)
boolMatrixoperator= (const boolMatrix &a)
bool operator== (const boolMatrix &a) const
bool operator!= (const boolMatrix &a) const
boolMatrix transpose (void) const
boolMatrixinsert (const boolMatrix &a, octave_idx_type r, octave_idx_type c)
boolMatrix operator! (void) const
boolMatrix diag (octave_idx_type k=0) const
boolMatrix all (int dim=-1) const
boolMatrix any (int dim=-1) const
void resize (octave_idx_type nr, octave_idx_type nc, bool rfv=resize_fill_value())

Static Public Member Functions

static bool resize_fill_value (void)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

boolMatrix::boolMatrix ( void   )  [inline]
boolMatrix::boolMatrix ( octave_idx_type  r,
octave_idx_type  c 
) [inline]
boolMatrix::boolMatrix ( octave_idx_type  r,
octave_idx_type  c,
bool  val 
) [inline]
boolMatrix::boolMatrix ( const dim_vector dv  )  [inline]
boolMatrix::boolMatrix ( const dim_vector dv,
bool  val 
) [inline]
boolMatrix::boolMatrix ( const Array< bool > &  a  )  [inline]
boolMatrix::boolMatrix ( const boolMatrix a  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

boolMatrix boolMatrix::all ( int  dim = -1  )  const
boolMatrix boolMatrix::any ( int  dim = -1  )  const
boolMatrix boolMatrix::diag ( octave_idx_type  k = 0  )  const

Reimplemented from Array< bool >.

boolMatrix & boolMatrix::insert ( const boolMatrix a,
octave_idx_type  r,
octave_idx_type  c 
boolMatrix boolMatrix::operator! ( void   )  const
bool boolMatrix::operator!= ( const boolMatrix a  )  const
boolMatrix& boolMatrix::operator= ( const boolMatrix a  )  [inline]
bool boolMatrix::operator== ( const boolMatrix a  )  const
void boolMatrix::resize ( octave_idx_type  nr,
octave_idx_type  nc,
bool  rfv = resize_fill_value () 
) [inline]
static bool boolMatrix::resize_fill_value ( void   )  [inline, static]

Reimplemented from Array< bool >.

boolMatrix boolMatrix::transpose ( void   )  const [inline]

Reimplemented from Array< bool >.

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