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ComplexRowVector Class Reference

#include <CRowVector.h>

Inherits MArray< Complex >.

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Public Member Functions

 ComplexRowVector (void)
 ComplexRowVector (octave_idx_type n)
 ComplexRowVector (const dim_vector &dv)
 ComplexRowVector (octave_idx_type n, const Complex &val)
 ComplexRowVector (const ComplexRowVector &a)
 ComplexRowVector (const MArray< Complex > &a)
 ComplexRowVector (const Array< Complex > &a)
 ComplexRowVector (const RowVector &a)
ComplexRowVectoroperator= (const ComplexRowVector &a)
bool operator== (const ComplexRowVector &a) const
bool operator!= (const ComplexRowVector &a) const
ComplexRowVectorinsert (const RowVector &a, octave_idx_type c)
ComplexRowVectorinsert (const ComplexRowVector &a, octave_idx_type c)
ComplexRowVectorfill (double val)
ComplexRowVectorfill (const Complex &val)
ComplexRowVectorfill (double val, octave_idx_type c1, octave_idx_type c2)
ComplexRowVectorfill (const Complex &val, octave_idx_type c1, octave_idx_type c2)
ComplexRowVector append (const RowVector &a) const
ComplexRowVector append (const ComplexRowVector &a) const
ComplexColumnVector hermitian (void) const
ComplexColumnVector transpose (void) const
ComplexRowVector extract (octave_idx_type c1, octave_idx_type c2) const
ComplexRowVector extract_n (octave_idx_type c1, octave_idx_type n) const
ComplexRowVectoroperator+= (const RowVector &a)
ComplexRowVectoroperator-= (const RowVector &a)
Complex min (void) const
Complex max (void) const
void resize (octave_idx_type n, const Complex &rfv=Array< Complex >::resize_fill_value())
void clear (octave_idx_type n)


class ComplexColumnVector
ComplexRowVector conj (const ComplexRowVector &a)
ComplexRowVector operator* (const ComplexRowVector &a, const ComplexMatrix &b)
ComplexRowVector operator* (const RowVector &a, const ComplexMatrix &b)
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const ComplexRowVector &a)
std::istream & operator>> (std::istream &is, ComplexRowVector &a)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ComplexRowVector::ComplexRowVector ( void   )  [inline]
ComplexRowVector::ComplexRowVector ( octave_idx_type  n  )  [inline, explicit]
ComplexRowVector::ComplexRowVector ( const dim_vector dv  )  [inline, explicit]
ComplexRowVector::ComplexRowVector ( octave_idx_type  n,
const Complex val 
) [inline]
ComplexRowVector::ComplexRowVector ( const ComplexRowVector a  )  [inline]
ComplexRowVector::ComplexRowVector ( const MArray< Complex > &  a  )  [inline]
ComplexRowVector::ComplexRowVector ( const Array< Complex > &  a  )  [inline]
ComplexRowVector::ComplexRowVector ( const RowVector a  )  [inline, explicit]

Member Function Documentation

ComplexRowVector ComplexRowVector::append ( const RowVector a  )  const
ComplexRowVector ComplexRowVector::append ( const ComplexRowVector a  )  const
void ComplexRowVector::clear ( octave_idx_type  n  )  [inline]
ComplexRowVector ComplexRowVector::extract ( octave_idx_type  c1,
octave_idx_type  c2 
) const
ComplexRowVector ComplexRowVector::extract_n ( octave_idx_type  c1,
octave_idx_type  n 
) const
ComplexRowVector & ComplexRowVector::fill ( const Complex val,
octave_idx_type  c1,
octave_idx_type  c2 
ComplexRowVector & ComplexRowVector::fill ( double  val  ) 
ComplexRowVector & ComplexRowVector::fill ( double  val,
octave_idx_type  c1,
octave_idx_type  c2 
ComplexRowVector & ComplexRowVector::fill ( const Complex val  ) 

Reimplemented from Array< Complex >.

ComplexColumnVector ComplexRowVector::hermitian ( void   )  const
ComplexRowVector & ComplexRowVector::insert ( const ComplexRowVector a,
octave_idx_type  c 
ComplexRowVector & ComplexRowVector::insert ( const RowVector a,
octave_idx_type  c 
Complex ComplexRowVector::max ( void   )  const
Complex ComplexRowVector::min ( void   )  const
bool ComplexRowVector::operator!= ( const ComplexRowVector a  )  const
ComplexRowVector & ComplexRowVector::operator+= ( const RowVector a  ) 
ComplexRowVector & ComplexRowVector::operator-= ( const RowVector a  ) 
ComplexRowVector& ComplexRowVector::operator= ( const ComplexRowVector a  )  [inline]
F77_RET_T const Complex const octave_idx_type const Complex const octave_idx_type Complex &bool ComplexRowVector::operator== ( const ComplexRowVector a  )  const
void ComplexRowVector::resize ( octave_idx_type  n,
const Complex rfv = Array<Complex>::resize_fill_value () 
) [inline]
ComplexColumnVector ComplexRowVector::transpose ( void   )  const

Reimplemented from MArray< Complex >.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ComplexColumnVector [friend]
ComplexRowVector conj ( const ComplexRowVector a  )  [friend]
ComplexRowVector operator* ( const RowVector a,
const ComplexMatrix b 
) [friend]
ComplexRowVector operator* ( const ComplexRowVector a,
const ComplexMatrix b 
) [friend]
std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const ComplexRowVector a 
) [friend]
std::istream& operator>> ( std::istream &  is,
ComplexRowVector a 
) [friend]

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