GNU Octave  4.2.1
A high-level interpreted language, primarily intended for numerical computations, mostly compatible with Matlab
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#include <cfloat>
#include "lo-error.h"
#include "lo-ieee.h"
#include "lo-mappers.h"
#include "lo-math.h"
#include "lo-specfun.h"
#include "lo-utils.h"
#include "math-wrappers.h"
#include "oct-cmplx.h"
#include "f77-fcn.h"
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 Octave interface to the compression and uncompression libraries.


Complex octave::math::acos (const Complex &x)
FloatComplex octave::math::acos (const FloatComplex &x)
Complex octave::math::asin (const Complex &x)
FloatComplex octave::math::asin (const FloatComplex &x)
Complex octave::math::atan (const Complex &x)
FloatComplex octave::math::atan (const FloatComplex &x)
double octave::math::copysign (double x, double y)
float octave::math::copysign (float x, float y)
double octave::math::exp2 (double x)
float octave::math::exp2 (float x)
bool octave::math::finite (double x)
bool octave::math::finite (float x)
double octave::math::floor (double x)
float octave::math::floor (float x)
double octave::math::frexp (double x, int *expptr)
float octave::math::frexp (float x, int *expptr)
bool octave::math::is_NA (double x)
bool octave::math::is_NA (const Complex &x)
bool octave::math::is_NA (float x)
bool octave::math::is_NA (const FloatComplex &x)
bool octave::math::is_NaN_or_NA (const Complex &x)
bool octave::math::is_NaN_or_NA (const FloatComplex &x)
bool octave::math::isinf (double x)
bool octave::math::isinf (float x)
bool octave::math::isnan (double x)
bool octave::math::isnan (float x)
double octave::math::log2 (double x)
float octave::math::log2 (float x)
Complex octave::math::log2 (const Complex &x)
FloatComplex octave::math::log2 (const FloatComplex &x)
double octave::math::log2 (double x, int &exp)
float octave::math::log2 (float x, int &exp)
Complex octave::math::log2 (const Complex &x, int &exp)
FloatComplex octave::math::log2 (const FloatComplex &x, int &exp)
bool octave::math::negative_sign (double x)
bool octave::math::negative_sign (float x)
int octave::math::nint (double x)
int octave::math::nint (float x)
octave_idx_type octave::math::nint_big (double x)
octave_idx_type octave::math::nint_big (float x)
Complex octave::math::rc_acos (double x)
FloatComplex octave::math::rc_acos (float x)
Complex octave::math::rc_acosh (double x)
FloatComplex octave::math::rc_acosh (float x)
Complex octave::math::rc_asin (double x)
FloatComplex octave::math::rc_asin (float x)
Complex octave::math::rc_atanh (double x)
FloatComplex octave::math::rc_atanh (float x)
Complex octave::math::rc_log (double x)
FloatComplex octave::math::rc_log (float x)
Complex octave::math::rc_log10 (double x)
FloatComplex octave::math::rc_log10 (float x)
Complex octave::math::rc_log2 (double x)
FloatComplex octave::math::rc_log2 (float x)
Complex octave::math::rc_sqrt (double x)
FloatComplex octave::math::rc_sqrt (float x)
double octave::math::round (double x)
float octave::math::round (float x)
double octave::math::signbit (double x)
float octave::math::signbit (float x)
double octave::math::trunc (double x)
float octave::math::trunc (float x)