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#include "CmplxSVD.h"
#include "dbleSVD.h"
#include "fCmplxSVD.h"
#include "floatSVD.h"
#include "defun-dld.h"
#include "error.h"
#include "gripes.h"
#include "oct-obj.h"
#include "pr-output.h"
#include "utils.h"

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 DEFUN_DLD (svd, args, nargout,"-*- texinfo -*-\n\ @deftypefn {Loadable Function} {@var{s} =} svd (@var{a})\n\ @deftypefnx {Loadable Function} {[@var{u}, @var{s}, @var{v}] =} svd (@var{a})\n\ @cindex singular value decomposition\n\ Compute the singular value decomposition of @var{a}\n\ @iftex\n\ @tex\n\ $$\n\ A = U S V^H\n\ $$\n\ @end tex\n\ @end iftex\n\ @ifnottex\n\ \n\ @example\n\ A = U*S*V'\n\ @end example\n\ @end ifnottex\n\ \n\ The function @code{svd} normally returns the vector of singular values.\n\ If asked for three return values, it computes\n\ @iftex\n\ @tex\n\ $U$, $S$, and $V$.\n\ @end tex\n\ @end iftex\n\ @ifnottex\n\ U, S, and V.\n\ @end ifnottex\n\ For example,\n\ \n\ @example\n\ svd (hilb (3))\n\ @end example\n\ \n\ @noindent\n\ returns\n\ \n\ @example\n\ @group\n\ ans =\n\ \n\ 1.4083189\n\ 0.1223271\n\ 0.0026873\n\ @end group\n\ @end example\n\ \n\ @noindent\n\ and\n\ \n\ @example\n\ [u, s, v] = svd (hilb (3))\n\ @end example\n\ \n\ @noindent\n\ returns\n\ \n\ @example\n\ @group\n\ u =\n\ \n\ -0.82704 0.54745 0.12766\n\ -0.45986 -0.52829 -0.71375\n\ -0.32330 -0.64901 0.68867\n\ \n\ s =\n\ \n\ 1.40832 0.00000 0.00000\n\ 0.00000 0.12233 0.00000\n\ 0.00000 0.00000 0.00269\n\ \n\ v =\n\ \n\ -0.82704 0.54745 0.12766\n\ -0.45986 -0.52829 -0.71375\n\ -0.32330 -0.64901 0.68867\n\ @end group\n\ @end example\n\ \n\ If given a second argument, @code{svd} returns an economy-sized\n\ decomposition, eliminating the unnecessary rows or columns of @var{u} or\n\ @var{v}.\n\ @end deftypefn")

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