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interp2.m File Reference


 switch (nargin) case 1 Z
case if (ischar(varargin{2}))[Z
endif case if (ischar(varargin{3}))[Z
endif case if (ischar(varargin{4}))[Z
otherwise print_usage ()
endswitch if (!ismatrix(Z)) error("interp2 expected matrix Z")
endif if (!isempty(n)&&!isscalar(n)) error("interp2 expected scalar n")
endif if (!ischar(method)) error("interp2 expected string 'method'")
endif if (ischar(extrapval)||strcmp(extrapval,"extrap")) extrapval
 elseif (!isscalar(extrapval)) error("interp2 expected n extrapval")
 if (isempty(X)) X
endif if (!isnumeric(X)||!isnumeric(Y)) error("interp2 expected numeric X
endif if (!isempty(n)) p
endif if (!isnumeric(XI)||!isnumeric(YI)) error("interp2 expected numeric XI
endif if (strcmp(method,"linear")||strcmp(method,"nearest")...||strcmp(method,"pchip")) if(isvector(X)&&isvector(Y)) X
 elseif (size_equal(X, Y)) X
else error ("X and Y must be matrices of same size")
endif if (columns(Z)!=length(X)||rows(Z)!=length(Y)) error("X and Y size must match Z dimensions")
endif if ((rows(XI)==1 &&columns(YI)==1)||(columns(XI)==1 &&rows(YI)==1))[XI
 elseif (!size_equal(XI, YI)) error("XI and YI must be matrices of same size")


function ZI
 method = "linear"
 extrapval = NA
 else [Z, n] = deal (varargin{:})
endif case n
endif case XI = (p:p*zc)/p
endif case YI = (p:p*zr)'/p
endif case [X, Y, Z, XI, YI, method] = deal (varargin{:})
 endif [zr, zc] = size (Z)
 Y = 1:zr

Function Documentation

elseif ( size_equalXI, YI  ) 

elseif ( size_equal(X, Y)   ) 

elseif ( isscalarextrapval  ) 

else error ( "X and Y must be matrices of same size"   ) 

endif if ( (rows(XI)==1 &&columns(YI)==1)||(columns(XI)==1 &&rows(YI)==1)   ) 

endif if ( columns(Z)!  = length(X)||rows(Z)!=length(Y)  ) 

endif if ( strcmp(method,"linear")||strcmp(method,"nearest")...||strcmp(method,"pchip")   ) 

endif if ( isnumericXI)||!isnumeric(YI  ) 

endif if ( isemptyn  ) 

endif if ( isnumericX)||!isnumeric(Y  ) 

if ( isempty(X)   ) 

endif if ( ischar(extrapval)||strcmp(extrapval,"extrap")   ) 

endif if ( ischarmethod  ) 

endif if ( isemptyn)&&!isscalar(n  ) 

endswitch if ( ismatrixZ  ) 

endif case if ( ischar(varargin{4})   ) 

endif case if ( ischar(varargin{3})   ) 

case if ( ischar(varargin{2})   ) 

otherwise print_usage (  ) 

switch ( nargin   ) 

Variable Documentation

switch(ext case = deal (varargin{:})

else[X, Y, Z, XI, YI] = deal (varargin{:})

endif[zr, zc] = size (Z)

endif case method = "linear"

endif case n

XI = (p:p*zc)/p

Y = 1:zr

endif YI = (p:p*zr)'/p

Initial value:

 interp2 (varargin)
  Z = X = Y = XI = YI = n = []