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octave_call_stack Class Reference

#include <toplev.h>

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struct  call_stack_elt

Public Types

typedef std::deque
< call_stack_elt >::iterator 
typedef std::deque
< call_stack_elt >
typedef std::deque
< call_stack_elt >
typedef std::deque
< call_stack_elt >

Static Public Member Functions

static bool instance_ok (void)
static octave_functioncurrent (void)
static tree_statementcurrent_statement (void)
static int current_line (void)
static int current_column (void)
static int caller_user_code_line (void)
static int caller_user_code_column (void)
static octave_functioncaller (void)
static size_t current_frame (void)
static size_t size (void)
static size_t num_user_code_frames (octave_idx_type &curr_user_frame)
static symbol_table::scope_id current_scope (void)
static symbol_table::context_id current_context (void)
static octave_functionelement (size_t n)
static octave_user_codecaller_user_code (size_t nskip=0)
static void push (octave_function *f, symbol_table::scope_id scope=symbol_table::current_scope(), symbol_table::context_id context=symbol_table::current_context())
static void push (symbol_table::scope_id scope=symbol_table::current_scope(), symbol_table::context_id context=symbol_table::current_context())
static void set_statement (tree_statement *s)
static bool goto_frame (size_t n=0, bool verbose=false)
static void restore_frame (size_t n)
static bool goto_frame_relative (int n, bool verbose=false)
static void goto_caller_frame (void)
static void goto_base_frame (void)
static Octave_map backtrace (size_t nskip, octave_idx_type &curr_user_frame)
static void pop (void)
static void clear (void)
static void backtrace_error_message (void)

Protected Member Functions

 octave_call_stack (void)

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::deque<call_stack_elt>::const_iterator octave_call_stack::const_iterator

typedef std::deque<call_stack_elt>::iterator octave_call_stack::iterator

typedef std::deque<call_stack_elt>::reverse_iterator octave_call_stack::reverse_iterator

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

octave_call_stack::octave_call_stack ( void   )  [inline, protected]

Member Function Documentation

static Octave_map octave_call_stack::backtrace ( size_t  nskip,
octave_idx_type curr_user_frame 
) [inline, static]

static void octave_call_stack::backtrace_error_message ( void   )  [inline, static]

static octave_function* octave_call_stack::caller ( void   )  [inline, static]

static octave_user_code* octave_call_stack::caller_user_code ( size_t  nskip = 0  )  [inline, static]

static int octave_call_stack::caller_user_code_column ( void   )  [inline, static]

static int octave_call_stack::caller_user_code_line ( void   )  [inline, static]

static void octave_call_stack::clear ( void   )  [inline, static]

static octave_function* octave_call_stack::current ( void   )  [inline, static]

static int octave_call_stack::current_column ( void   )  [inline, static]

static symbol_table::context_id octave_call_stack::current_context ( void   )  [inline, static]

static size_t octave_call_stack::current_frame ( void   )  [inline, static]

static int octave_call_stack::current_line ( void   )  [inline, static]

static symbol_table::scope_id octave_call_stack::current_scope ( void   )  [inline, static]

static tree_statement* octave_call_stack::current_statement ( void   )  [inline, static]

static octave_function* octave_call_stack::element ( size_t  n  )  [inline, static]

static void octave_call_stack::goto_base_frame ( void   )  [inline, static]

static void octave_call_stack::goto_caller_frame ( void   )  [inline, static]

static bool octave_call_stack::goto_frame ( size_t  n = 0,
bool  verbose = false 
) [inline, static]

static bool octave_call_stack::goto_frame_relative ( int  n,
bool  verbose = false 
) [inline, static]

static bool octave_call_stack::instance_ok ( void   )  [inline, static]

static size_t octave_call_stack::num_user_code_frames ( octave_idx_type curr_user_frame  )  [inline, static]

static void octave_call_stack::pop ( void   )  [inline, static]

static void octave_call_stack::push ( symbol_table::scope_id  scope = symbol_table::current_scope (),
symbol_table::context_id  context = symbol_table::current_context () 
) [inline, static]

static void octave_call_stack::push ( octave_function f,
symbol_table::scope_id  scope = symbol_table::current_scope (),
symbol_table::context_id  context = symbol_table::current_context () 
) [inline, static]

static void octave_call_stack::restore_frame ( size_t  n  )  [inline, static]

static void octave_call_stack::set_statement ( tree_statement s  )  [inline, static]

static size_t octave_call_stack::size ( void   )  [inline, static]

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