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c_file_ptr_buf Class Reference

#include <c-file-ptr-stream.h>

Inherited by octave_procbuf.

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Public Types

typedef int int_type
typedef int(* close_fcn )(FILE *)

Public Member Functions

FILE * stdiofile (void)
 c_file_ptr_buf (FILE *f_arg, close_fcn cf_arg=fclose)
 ~c_file_ptr_buf (void)
int_type overflow (int_type)
int_type underflow (void)
int_type uflow (void)
int_type pbackfail (int_type)
std::streamsize xsputn (const char *, std::streamsize)
std::streamsize xsgetn (char *, std::streamsize)
std::streampos seekoff (std::streamoff, std::ios::seekdir, std::ios::openmode=std::ios::in|std::ios::out)
std::streampos seekpos (std::streampos, std::ios::openmode=std::ios::in|std::ios::out)
int sync (void)
int flush (void)
int close (void)
int file_number () const
int seek (long offset, int origin)
long tell (void)
void clear (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static int fclose (FILE *f)

Protected Attributes

FILE * f
close_fcn cf

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef int(* c_file_ptr_buf::close_fcn)(FILE *)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

c_file_ptr_buf::c_file_ptr_buf ( FILE *  f_arg,
close_fcn  cf_arg = fclose 
) [inline]

c_file_ptr_buf::~c_file_ptr_buf ( void   ) 

Member Function Documentation

void c_file_ptr_buf::clear ( void   )  [inline]

int c_file_ptr_buf::close ( void   ) 

Reimplemented in octave_procbuf.

static int c_file_ptr_buf::fclose ( FILE *  f  )  [inline, static]

int c_file_ptr_buf::file_number (  )  const [inline]

int c_file_ptr_buf::flush ( void   ) 

c_file_ptr_buf::int_type c_file_ptr_buf::overflow ( int_type  c  ) 

c_file_ptr_buf::int_type c_file_ptr_buf::pbackfail ( int_type  c  ) 

int c_file_ptr_buf::seek ( long  offset,
int  origin 
) [inline]

std::streampos c_file_ptr_buf::seekoff ( std::streamoff  ,
std::ios::seekdir  ,
std::ios::openmode  = std::ios::in | std::ios::out 

std::streampos c_file_ptr_buf::seekpos ( std::streampos  ,
std::ios::openmode  = std::ios::in | std::ios::out 

FILE* c_file_ptr_buf::stdiofile ( void   )  [inline]

int c_file_ptr_buf::sync ( void   ) 

long c_file_ptr_buf::tell ( void   )  [inline]

int_type c_file_ptr_buf::uflow ( void   )  [inline]

int_type c_file_ptr_buf::underflow ( void   )  [inline]

std::streamsize c_file_ptr_buf::xsgetn ( char *  s,
std::streamsize  n 

std::streamsize c_file_ptr_buf::xsputn ( const char *  s,
std::streamsize  n 

Member Data Documentation

FILE* c_file_ptr_buf::f [protected]

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