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DASPK_options Class Reference

#include <DASPK-opts.h>

Inherited by DASPK.

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Public Member Functions

 DASPK_options (void)
 DASPK_options (const DASPK_options &opt)
DASPK_optionsoperator= (const DASPK_options &opt)
 ~DASPK_options (void)
void init (void)
void copy (const DASPK_options &opt)
void set_options (const DASPK_options &opt)
void set_default_options (void)
void set_absolute_tolerance (double val)
void set_absolute_tolerance (const Array< double > &val)
void set_relative_tolerance (double val)
void set_relative_tolerance (const Array< double > &val)
void set_compute_consistent_initial_condition (octave_idx_type val)
void set_use_initial_condition_heuristics (octave_idx_type val)
void set_initial_condition_heuristics (const Array< double > &val)
void set_print_initial_condition_info (octave_idx_type val)
void set_exclude_algebraic_variables_from_error_test (octave_idx_type val)
void set_algebraic_variables (int val)
void set_algebraic_variables (const Array< octave_idx_type > &val)
void set_enforce_inequality_constraints (octave_idx_type val)
void set_inequality_constraint_types (octave_idx_type val)
void set_inequality_constraint_types (const Array< octave_idx_type > &val)
void set_initial_step_size (double val)
void set_maximum_order (octave_idx_type val)
void set_maximum_step_size (double val)
Array< doubleabsolute_tolerance (void) const
Array< doublerelative_tolerance (void) const
octave_idx_type compute_consistent_initial_condition (void) const
octave_idx_type use_initial_condition_heuristics (void) const
Array< doubleinitial_condition_heuristics (void) const
octave_idx_type print_initial_condition_info (void) const
octave_idx_type exclude_algebraic_variables_from_error_test (void) const
Array< octave_idx_typealgebraic_variables (void) const
octave_idx_type enforce_inequality_constraints (void) const
Array< octave_idx_typeinequality_constraint_types (void) const
double initial_step_size (void) const
octave_idx_type maximum_order (void) const
double maximum_step_size (void) const

Protected Attributes

bool reset

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DASPK_options::DASPK_options ( void   )  [inline]

Reimplemented in DASPK.

DASPK_options::DASPK_options ( const DASPK_options opt  )  [inline]

DASPK_options::~DASPK_options ( void   )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

Array<double> DASPK_options::absolute_tolerance ( void   )  const [inline]

Array<octave_idx_type> DASPK_options::algebraic_variables ( void   )  const [inline]

octave_idx_type DASPK_options::compute_consistent_initial_condition ( void   )  const [inline]

void DASPK_options::copy ( const DASPK_options opt  )  [inline]

octave_idx_type DASPK_options::enforce_inequality_constraints ( void   )  const [inline]

octave_idx_type DASPK_options::exclude_algebraic_variables_from_error_test ( void   )  const [inline]

Array<octave_idx_type> DASPK_options::inequality_constraint_types ( void   )  const [inline]

void DASPK_options::init ( void   )  [inline]

Array<double> DASPK_options::initial_condition_heuristics ( void   )  const [inline]

double DASPK_options::initial_step_size ( void   )  const [inline]

octave_idx_type DASPK_options::maximum_order ( void   )  const [inline]

double DASPK_options::maximum_step_size ( void   )  const [inline]

DASPK_options& DASPK_options::operator= ( const DASPK_options opt  )  [inline]

octave_idx_type DASPK_options::print_initial_condition_info ( void   )  const [inline]

Array<double> DASPK_options::relative_tolerance ( void   )  const [inline]

void DASPK_options::set_absolute_tolerance ( const Array< double > &  val  )  [inline]

void DASPK_options::set_absolute_tolerance ( double  val  )  [inline]

void DASPK_options::set_algebraic_variables ( const Array< octave_idx_type > &  val  )  [inline]

void DASPK_options::set_algebraic_variables ( int  val  )  [inline]

void DASPK_options::set_compute_consistent_initial_condition ( octave_idx_type  val  )  [inline]

void DASPK_options::set_default_options ( void   )  [inline]

void DASPK_options::set_enforce_inequality_constraints ( octave_idx_type  val  )  [inline]

void DASPK_options::set_exclude_algebraic_variables_from_error_test ( octave_idx_type  val  )  [inline]

void DASPK_options::set_inequality_constraint_types ( const Array< octave_idx_type > &  val  )  [inline]

void DASPK_options::set_inequality_constraint_types ( octave_idx_type  val  )  [inline]

void DASPK_options::set_initial_condition_heuristics ( const Array< double > &  val  )  [inline]

void DASPK_options::set_initial_step_size ( double  val  )  [inline]

void DASPK_options::set_maximum_order ( octave_idx_type  val  )  [inline]

void DASPK_options::set_maximum_step_size ( double  val  )  [inline]

void DASPK_options::set_options ( const DASPK_options opt  )  [inline]

void DASPK_options::set_print_initial_condition_info ( octave_idx_type  val  )  [inline]

void DASPK_options::set_relative_tolerance ( const Array< double > &  val  )  [inline]

void DASPK_options::set_relative_tolerance ( double  val  )  [inline]

void DASPK_options::set_use_initial_condition_heuristics ( octave_idx_type  val  )  [inline]

octave_idx_type DASPK_options::use_initial_condition_heuristics ( void   )  const [inline]

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